Do you live a passionate love? 7 signs to confirm it

Feeling that you love that person beyond what you could have imagined, to the point that from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep you want to be by their side, as if you had an addiction. This is called “passionate love” and, according to psychology experts, it is what is normally … Read more

Which is more important in a relationship?

When we talk about “intimacy” in love, we usually tend to think about physical contact. This is an essential aspect that in most cases is very present, and very intense, in the first stages of relationships, and which then stabilizes, but without disappearing. However, there is also emotional intimacy, a less discussed one, but one … Read more

These 6 Relationship Stories with Surprising Twists Will Make You Reconsider Your Love Life

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8 Couples from Television and Movies that Demonstrate the Power of Love

Romantic relationships are often complicated and definitely misunderstood, so it’s quite remarkable when movies and TV shows manage to present relationships in ways that are touching, emotional, and inspiring. From ’60s sitcoms to recent movies, here are eight fictional couples who showed us what love is all about. 1. Morticia and Gomez (The Addams Family) … Read more

Why Saying Sorry In A Relationship Is So Important

In relationships, it is inevitable to have issues here and there with your partner. This is why it is really important to have a good approach to conflict resolution. This conflict could be a simple misunderstanding or an all-out brawl. Either way, being able to make amends is essential to ensuring that your relationship continues … Read more

14 Tips to Live By in Healthy Relationships

What is the goal of a long-term romantic relationship? Hopefully for “long-term” to become “until death do us part.” However, successful relationships take time, effort, and patience. Fortunately, if the two of you work on building healthy habits in your day-to-day interactions, there’s no reason why you can’t live happily ever after. If you are … Read more

7 things you should know before dating a Latina

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12 Ways to Remind Your Wife How Much You Love Her

Showing appreciation is a basic rule of any relationship, but in the case of marriages, where daily life, work responsibilities, children and routine take up a large part of the day, it becomes even more important to remind your partner orange that love is still there. If you want your wife to know how important … Read more

 7 Things to Be Honest and Upfront With Every Time

When dating, it is always a good idea to get to know someone over time. Slowly revealing more about yourself and letting your guard down will help you keep your boundaries in place. It will also ensure that you are thoroughly getting to know the person you are dating and that they are the right … Read more