12 Ways to Remind Your Wife How Much You Love Her

Showing appreciation is a basic rule of any relationship, but in the case of marriages, where daily life, work responsibilities, children and routine take up a large part of the day, it becomes even more important to remind your partner orange that love is still there. If you want your wife to know how important she is to you, you must show her. They are simply small tokens of affection that you can give every day and that are more valuable in the long run than expensive gifts. These are 12 things you can do.

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1. Start and end the day well

You have probably said “I love you” to your wife millions of times throughout your relationship. But don’t underestimate the power of the right moment: let the first thing they hear from you when they wake up in the morning be “good morning, I love you,” and the last thing before they go to sleep be “good night, I love you.”

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2. Leave or send notes

In the middle of a busy day taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, or working on her computer (or all at once), your wife may go to her room and find a note taped to the mirror that says “You’re the best.” It will put a much needed smile on your face. Or send her texts throughout the day just telling her you love her.

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3. Tell him you appreciate what he does

The notes in the previous point are a nice touch, but remember that the most important thing is that you tell him directly how much you appreciate everything he does. Tell her that you appreciate that she cooks for you every day and that she takes care of the children and that, furthermore, you admire her for how she does all this while she works. Knowing that she is appreciated will give her motivation.

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4. Set up a date night

Go to the cinema, the theater, a restaurant or just take a walk in the park… It doesn’t matter what you choose, but make sure that once a week or every 15 days you do something together and alone. Hire a babysitter or ask a family member to watch the children. Simply being “adults in love” for one night will help keep the flame alive.

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5. Give her a moment for herself

In addition to regular dates to spend quality time together, your wife will surely also want time for herself, because remember that in addition to being a partner, mother and worker, she is a person. Take care of the kids so she can go on an afternoon or girls’ night out with her friends, or even treat her to a day at a spa.

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6. Help at home

Your home belongs to both of you, so you both have the responsibility to maintain it. It doesn’t matter if you work all day in an office and she doesn’t: she probably put in a lot of effort cleaning everything and taking care of the kids. So it doesn’t cost you anything to wash the dishes after dinner, for example. By helping her with her homework you show her that you appreciate her.

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7. Keep up with a hobby

Few things prove love as much as showing a genuine interest in the other person’s tastes. If your wife likes hiking, yoga, painting, or cooking, for example, spend time with her doing that. Accompanying her in her hobby will show her that you love her and appreciate the time you are together.

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8. Don’t forget important dates

Maybe at work you keep an agenda so you don’t forget an important deadline or a meeting with your bosses. Well, just as important is that you take the time to plan something special for their anniversary or birthday. Women know that for some reason many men have a hard time remembering special dates, so make sure that’s not you.

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9. Involve the children

If your wife takes care of the kids all day, a good way to make her feel appreciated is to plan something special for her with the little ones. A walk, a meal out, or a movie and popcorn night at home… Regardless of her activity, she will see that you are teaching her children the importance of appreciating her hard work.

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10. Gifts count too

Giving unexpected gifts to your wife, that is, apart from her anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day, is a good way to show her your love and appreciation. And no, they don’t have to be expensive. Surprise her one night with flowers, bring her chocolates or buy her that book she’s been waiting for. They are small details that make a difference.

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11. Remember physical affection

There are things that words cannot express. So whenever you can, hug her, kiss her, hold her hand when walking in public, and give her a shoulder massage at the end of the day. Physical affection is important and will remind them of those early years when romance was in the air.

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12. Listen to her and support her

If she wants to have a conversation with you, listen to her. Give her the attention she deserves. She respects her opinions and takes her suggestions into account. Let her know that you support her and that you will always be there when she needs you. Whether she is going through a difficulty or she just wants to vent, never doubt that you will be by her side.