7 things you should know before dating a Latina

Sensual, passionate, strong, beautiful and proud. Latina women are all that and much more. If you are thinking about starting a romantic relationship with one, remember that not all clichés and stereotypes are true, so be careful. When we talk about Latin America we are referring to the 20 countries on the American continent whose official language is Spanish or Portuguese, so do not think that a Mexican will have the same personality and culture as an Argentinian. However, among Latinas there are some general traits that we can identify and that it is better that you know so that you do not give her a hard time or get a surprise.

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1. It’s mamacita, it’s caliente, it’s bailarina

Perhaps the most important tip you should follow if you want to date a Latina is to forget about stereotypes. As we explained above, Latinas come from different countries and cultures, so stereotyping them will only make them distance themselves from you. Not all of them want you to call them “mamacita” and not all of them know how (nor do they want to) dance like models in a reggaeton video. Not all of them have curves and not all of them eat spicy food. You can certainly do some research on her country and her culture to get a better insight into her, or better yet, you can ask her and have a long conversation that shows that you are interested in her, but start by treating her first as a person, not as a “sexy Latin bombshell” as she is made out to be in the media.

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2. Don’t be confused by his friendly attitude

If there is something that characterizes most Latinos, men and women alike, it is that they are more open and friendly than many other cultures, especially those in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, many Latinas are actually quite friendly, sociable, and have a genuine love for their friends and family. They are the type of woman who will greet you with a hug or a kiss on the cheek. While this personality trait makes them very flirtatious, don’t confuse that friendly flirtation with anything else. Therefore, be careful not to feel undue jealousy if you see your girl affectionately greeting some friends they met while they were having dinner. Nothing happens there, she is just like that.

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3. Your family is the most important thing

Unless you’re dating a Latina who emigrated alone, be prepared to meet her entire family soon. Unlike other cultures, Latin families are quite large and close-knit. They’ll probably introduce you to their parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, and cousins ​​all at once, because they may even all live under one roof or constantly get together to enjoy family meals. The good side of this is that you will meet many different people and enjoy great meetings where you will not have a chance to get bored. Plus, if you make an effort to make them like you, they’ll soon treat you like one of the family.

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4. You must ask the question

In these modern times of dating apps and “open” relationships, you need to keep in mind that many Latinas still have traditional values, regardless of how progressive they are. Therefore, do not think that going out on five or six dates will be enough for her to consider that you are a couple. You should specifically ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend so that the relationship is official (and you can post it on your social media). This consideration also applies if you want to make her your wife: remember that her family is the most important thing, so be sure to involve her parents and siblings in the process of asking the big question (and asking permission first).

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5. Punctuality could be a problem

We said that you should not generalize or believe in all stereotypes, but there is something that characterizes a large part of the Latino population: punctuality is not their strong suit. In societies like the United States and the United Kingdom, for example, if you are invited to an event at 6:00 pm, you will surely be there at 6:00 pm. However, Latinos in general tend to be a little more relaxed in this regard. Don’t be surprised if you tell her you’ll pick her up at 5:00 pm and when you arrive, she’s not ready. In many Latin American countries it is normal to arrive hours after the scheduled time! Plus, your girl will probably take a while getting ready, but when you see her, you’ll know it was worth the wait. So she tries to keep a flexible schedule.

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6. She is proud to be Latina

Latina women are proud of their heritage. They are passionate about talking about their country, their culture, their language, regardless of the reasons or conditions why they or their families have had to emigrate. Show interest in her culture and way of life, ask questions, clarify doubts, learn the language if necessary (even if it’s just a few words and phrases) and be open to learning new things with her. What you shouldn’t do is stereotype her with questions like “Why do Latinas always…?” As we indicated in point 1, not all Latinas are equal just because they are Latinas. Remember that the only thing they have in common that is 100% certain is that they come from the same continent. So focus your questions on their specific culture or nationality.

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7. He likes to take care of people

Since she probably comes from a large family, it’s safe to say that your girl has a tendency to want to take care of the people she loves, including you. Latinas are usually happy when they can make others happy. Therefore, she will always look for a way to help you when you need it, and she will do the same with her friends and relatives, and even for people they know little about. In general, Latinas tend to have a strong sense of community, so don’t be surprised if after dinner she decides to bring a plate to her elderly neighbor who she barely talks to. Additionally, she is likely to be part of Latino groups or associations. So be prepared to also show her that you are there for her when she needs you.