These 10 celebrities regretted cheating on their partners

One of the actions that can be most painful within a couple is infidelity. Being betrayed by your loved one is one of the most common reasons why separations or divorces occur. Those who live in the world of entertainment do not escape this reality. There are several celebrities from Latin America and Spain who have fallen into the temptation of being unfaithful and who have later regretted the consequences. Here we bring you a top 10 celebrities who cheated on their love and regretted having done so.

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1.- Sebastian Lletget

After several years of relationship and getting engaged in 2022, singer Becky G recently announced her breakup with Sebastian Lletget. The Argentine soccer player was involved in rumors about infidelity and that affected the couple. Even though he publicly apologized to her, that wasn’t enough. “Becky, you have been the light in my life, my strength, who has always shown me unconditional love. “Instead of honoring that love every day, I did the opposite, hurting and disrespecting the person I love more than anything,” Sebastian said in a statement.

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2.- Juanes

One of the longest and most beautiful marriages in the show is that of the singer Juanes and Karen Martínez. The Colombian couple has been married for 22 years, but not everything has been a bed of roses. In 2007, the artist appeared in a photo in the media with another woman. The situation created conflicts in the couple and they were separated for eight months. However, Juanes repented for what happened and was forgiven. “It was hard for me and for her too, for everyone. But hey, that’s over and we’re doing great now,” said the singer of “The Black Shirt.”

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3.- Cristian de la Fuente

It is not easy for stars to hide infidelity, and that is what happened to Cristian. A video of him kissing another woman in a bar went viral and his wife of 20 years, Angélica Castro, did not hesitate to leave him. The Chilean presenter has not stopped saying that it was a mistake, but he is in divorce proceedings. “Breaking up and ending a twenty-year relationship for something like that was one of the big things I regret. If I had to choose the minute that changed my life for the worse, it was that one (…). Since that day we are no longer together,” Cristian said.

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4.- Gabriel Soto

Actor Gabriel Soto is very clear that there are mistakes that are not forgiven. The Mexican divorced his wife Geraldine Bazán after 10 years of relationship, after she discovered that he was unfaithful to her. That love that arose when recording a soap opera together had culminated. Although this fact was very hidden, he later revealed that they already had problems before divorcing her, but that cheating on her was a mistake. “I made mistakes. “I am a human being, I tried to save my relationship with her for many years,” said Gabriel.

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5.- Chyno Miranda

The Venezuelan singer has gone through delicate situations in recent years, especially with his health. However, one of the problems that most affected his emotions was the separation from him. Chyno said in September 2021 that his relationship with Natasha Araos had broken down because of her, because he was unfaithful to her. “I disrespected her as her wife, I disrespected my home too,” the urban music performer confessed in a video that was spread on social networks.

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6.- Sebastian Rulli

Although now it seems that he has straightened his course, in the past Sebastián Rulli was an inveterate infidel. The Mexican model and actor has revealed that he regrets the behavior he had. Before marrying Angelique Boyer, Sebastián had a relationship with actress Cecilia Galliano (in the photo), whom he cheated on with others, a situation that led to their divorce. “I have been unfaithful, I know infidelity, I have suffered it. That is why today it is clear to me that it is not a lifestyle that interests me, neither creating it nor suffering it,” he expressed.

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7.- Mauritius Islands

For Mauricio, his infidelity not only led him to break up with his partner, but also to a work debacle. The Mexican actor cheated on his wife Patricia Villasana with a partner and the scandal was such that he was fired from the soap opera in which he was the protagonist at that time. The event led him to become depressed, but also to reflect. The artist assures today that he feels lucky to have moved forward and has said on several occasions that he regrets his mistakes.

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8.- Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel’s intimate life was practically a mystery. However, after a series about his life came out on Netflix (which he produced himself), many of his romantic relationships were revealed. One of the most notable was the one he had for a long time with the actress Issabela Camil. In the autobiographical production, the Mexican singer shows how the breakup with Camil after being unfaithful affected him. The interpreter showed that he was very sorry for the deception.

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9.- Joan Sebastian

The actors and singers Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia were the couple of the most popular Mexican show of the 90s. The couple starred in the soap opera “Tú y yo” and beyond the success of the production, the most popular thing were the rumors of Sebastian’s infidelity with another actress from the cast. This controversy ended in divorce despite the actor’s refusal and his expressions of regret.

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10.- Gerard Piqué

The breakup between the footballer Gerard Piqué and Shakira has been the most notable of the moment. The Spaniard cheated on the Colombian singer with a young girl named Clara Chía and once he reached the media, the separation was imminent. Although he showed no signs of being sorry and was open with his new partner, behind cameras it is said that he regretted the deception. “I will never return to you even if you cry or beg me,” says the lyrics of one of the songs that Shakira dedicated to the father of her children and close sources assure that this was real. Piqué regretfully asked for forgiveness.