10 Latin superheroes you should know

The world of comics has always been one of inclusion. This format has allowed writers unprecedented creative freedom, giving life to parallel worlds and universes in which there is room for everyone. Furthermore, the very concept of “superhero” is often accompanied by an inspiring personal story. The Latin community has also been well represented in comics, and these are 10 of the most important Latin superheroes, both from the famous publishers Marvel and DC, as well as from other houses.

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1. Santo, the silver masked one

This comic was published in Mexico for the first time in 1952 and is based on a real character: Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, a professional wrestler who acted under the pseudonym El Santo. During the four decades that he was active, his figure was turned into a comic in which he fought against villains and thugs to defend the innocent in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Little by little, his story intensified to the point that he gained superhuman strength and also began to fight monsters, mummies and vampires. After his death in the comic, El Santo’s mask was passed to his son for a new comic series called “Santo, the Silver Legend.”

Marvel White Tiger, Cartoon, Gesture

2. White Tiger

This Marvel Comics character is based on a talisman of the Tiger God that grants powers of speed, physical strength, agility, reflexes, coordination and resistance at an almost superhuman level to whoever possesses it. The Ayala family, originally from Puerto Rico and residing in New York, has been the bearer of the amulet for three generations, dedicating themselves to fighting crime. The first White Tiger was Héctor Ayala, followed by his niece, Ángela del Toro. When she is murdered, the talisman passes into the hands of Hector’s teenage sister, Ava Ayala. Ava even becomes part of the Mighty Avengers and is a key player in the defeat of Shuma-Gorath.

Jessica Cruz Green Lantern, Cartoon, Green

3. Green Lantern

One of the several representations of Green Lantern, the DC Comics superhero, is that of Jessica Cruz, a Honduran-Mexican woman living in Portland who suffers from social anxiety and trauma. The Green Power ring, or Volthoom ring, forcibly takes over her body and under her control, Jessica attacked her city. She is stopped by the Justice League and Doom Patrol. With the help of Batman and Hal Jordan, one of the previous Green Lanterns, she manages to control the ring. She now has superpowers and uses them to do good.

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4. Kaliman

Another legendary superhero from Mexican comics is Kalimán. Created in 1963 as a radio program, it became a comic in 1965 and was published until 1991. Kalimán is the seventh heir of the dynasty of the goddess Kali. He dedicates himself to fighting the forces of evil accompanied by Solin, an Egyptian boy descended from pharaohs. Kalimán combines his powers with martial arts training and travels the world fighting criminal organizations, aliens and even supernatural beings. Of course, he does everything under the promise of not killing anyone, which sometimes complicates his adventures.

05/29/2016 At the moment when Marvel and Sony announced their agreement to bring Spiderman to their cinematic universe in Captain America: Civil War, rumors began about who would be chosen to be brought to the big screen: Peter Parker or Miles Morales. Of course the chosen one was Parker (tom Holland), but... Could Morales be the protagonist of the future Spiderman animated film? In the comics, Miles Morales is a young teenager who is half African-American and half Puerto Rican who has the same metahuman abilities as Peter. And according to Heroic Hollywood, all rumors suggest that he could be the protagonist of the Spider-Man animated film, with a scheduled release date in December 2018 SOCIETY CULTURE MARVEL

5. Spider-Man

In one of Marvel’s many parallel universes, Spider-Man is a boy with a Puerto Rican mother and African father named Miles Morales, who also acquires his powers after being bitten by a genetically modified spider and assumes the important role of the arachnid superhero after death. by Peter Parker. But Miles is not the only Latino Spider-Man. In another universe, Miguel O’Hara, of Mexican and Irish descent, is Spider-Man 2099, and we can’t forget Brooklyn’s Spider-Girl Anya Corazón, who has roots from Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Blue Beetle Graduation Day, Cartoon, Gesture

6. Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes is a young man of Mexican origin who lives in the United States and loves technology. One day, walking home from school with a couple of friends, he finds a curious object shaped like a blue beetle. That night the beetle, which turns out to be an extraterrestrial weapon that seeks to control worlds, connects to Jaime’s spine and thus one of the most famous Latin superheroes of DC Comics is born: Blue Beetle. With his new powers he can now create energy weapons and shields, and can also fly. Because of him, the boy uses all this to defend humanity.

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7. Sunspot

He is one of the most powerful members of Marvel’s X-Men in the New Mutants line. He is also part of X-Force and the Hellfire-Club. Roberto da Costa was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to a wealthy family that encouraged him to play soccer. However, in a match, players from the rival team attacked him with racist insults, and when defending himself against him, his mutant powers manifested: he can absorb and channel solar energy, which in turn gives him super strength and the ability to fly. Of course, the X-Men became his new home.

Wind Dancer X Men, Cartoon, Gesture

8. Wind Dancer

Another member of the distance. Additionally, it can compress the air in a person’s ears and cause them to lose balance. The real identity of Wind Dancer is Sofía Mantega, a young woman born in Caracas, Venezuela, who finds out that her father is a rich man who lives in the United States. She goes to that country to look for him, but he doesn’t accept her because she is a mutant, so she ends up joining the X-Men.

Marvel America Chavez, Facial expression, Cartoon, Fashion, Purple

9. Miss America

One of Marvel’s most powerful superheroines is América Chávez, better known as Miss America. This half-Puerto Rican girl was raised in the New York of a universe called Utopian Parallel by her two mothers, Amalia and Elena, who were scientists. They wanted to find a cure for a rare disease that their two daughters, América and Catalina, had, but in the process the two girls were infected with a demiurge, a sentient life force from the Earth’s biosphere that gave America the power to travel. between universes. Thus, she ends up separating herself from her family and getting lost in another dimension, but with powers such as superhuman speed, strength, and the ability to fly and travel in the multiverse. She is related to the Avengers.

Hawkgirl Dawn Of Dc, Cartoon

10. Hawkgirl

This is one of the most incredible DC Comics superheroines, but her story is quite tragic. Kendra Saunders is a Cuban woman who decided to take her own life. When her soul left her body, her grandfather’s first cousin, Shiera Saunders, entered him. Shiera was also the reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara, and the companion of Carter Hall, the original Hawk-Man. Now, Shiera woke up with Kendra’s memories and, for the most part, her personality. She also gained wings, fighting powers, superhuman strength, enhanced vision, immortality, improved hearing, durability, and stamina. Additionally, she can communicate with birds. Hawkgirl is part of the Justice League.