6 characteristics that explain the obsession with Latinas

From Sofia Vergara to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, the world seems to have a special interest in Latinas, but not just the famous ones! Latinas are currently one of the most diverse and important demographic groups anywhere and people have realized that they are much more than the majority stereotype of the sexy bombshell that until recently was portrayed in the media. This has meant that they are now admired and taken into account in many areas, and that many people see them as a potential partner for life. These are 6 characteristics that make Latinas irresistible.

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1. They are strong

Many Latina women come from backgrounds where life is not easy (or, at least, their mothers and grandmothers do, so they know what they went through). Countries in which the economy is precarious, cities in which there is discrimination at work, cultures in which a certain role is expected of them… all this has given them a strength in their character that translates into women who know their worth and not They are afraid to break barriers to get out of that situation. And this resilience is a quality that makes them attractive and interesting, because they know how to deal with any adversity.

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2. They are proud

Latino pride is real and that is why it is common to see celebrations of their heritage in many other parts of the world, such as the very famous Puerto Rico Day Parade in New York (United States) and the Cinco de Mayo or Carnival festivities in dozens of countries. And Latinas are at the forefront of organizing these events, because they are some of the most proud women of their culture you could ever meet. This makes them have a great sense of belonging and empathy towards their compatriots, which in turn is reflected in the important role they play in the place where they live and with the people they love.

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3. They embrace their beauty

A study published by psychologists from Oregon State University-Cascades and Gallaudet University, both in the United States, found that young Latinas who felt closer to their heritage were less likely to be influenced by the media’s impossible beauty standards. Communication. And Latinas don’t even all look like stereotypes: they come in all sizes, colors and styles, and most embrace their beauty, with or without curves. There is an important culture of self-care and personal grooming that is passed from generation to generation, which is why many Latinas strive to always look good.

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4. They are passionate

No, we’re not talking about those extremely dramatic and sensual soap opera characters (although you should think twice before getting into an argument with a Latina). Because they are women who embrace who they are and exude confidence, Latinas are incredibly dedicated in everything they do and put all their passion into giving their best, whether in their professional career, taking care of their home, or caring for their loved ones. couple relationships, or in everything at the same time. This is why in most Latin cultures the figure of the matriarch predominates, because they are women who have learned to lead their families.

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5. They are not afraid to express themselves

For the very fact of being passionate, most Latinas will not think twice to tell you everything they think, even if it hurts you. But this isn’t about contempt, it’s about love: they value honesty more than white lies, and they genuinely believe they’re doing it for your own good. Latinas are compassionate, empathetic and shy away from conversations. This is very attractive for many people who come from more “closed” cultures, because they feel that a Latin partner, friend or companion offers them valuable emotional support in adversity.

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6. It’s hard to get bored with them

Since Latin culture prioritizes family, many women grew up in homes where not only their direct relatives (parents and siblings) lived, but also grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc. They are bustling homes where excellent socialization skills are developed and remain united even when the members become independent. Therefore, being with a Latina almost always means large family gatherings, diverse groups of friends, and a partner who knows how to navigate most social situations. In short, you will hardly get bored with it.