These youth soap operas caused a sensation in the 90s

In the 90s, Mexican soap operas were at the peak of their popularity, especially those of a youth nature in which music, love, friendship and the dramas typical of that age were portrayed in a simple and fun way on the small screen. Also, these productions served as a platform for actors and singers who later established themselves as celebrities. Here we show you 10 of the stories that hooked us the most at that time.

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1.- “Little Girls”

This Mexican soap opera was produced by Emilio Larrosa in 1991. In it, four friends from different social backgrounds studied at the TAES Art Academy. The protagonists were Kate del Castillo, Tiaré Scanda, Emma Laura and Cecilia Tijerina. The girls wanted to achieve fame, but along the way they stumble upon love, envy, ambitions and problems from which they seek to overcome. The evils of the character played by Alejandro Camacho gave the perfect touch to the story.

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2.- “Reach a star”

Few productions are so famous that they end up recording a second part (“Reach for a Star II”). Its producer was Luis de Llano and it was released in 1991. It was the pioneer in Mexican musical melodramas and its songs were played endlessly. Its protagonists were Mariana Garza and Eduardo Capetillo (both were former members of the Timbiriche group). The story is based on how a simple girl falls in love with the star of the moment and they end up together. The second production featured the actors Biby Gaytán, Pedro Fernández, Sasha Sökol, Angélica Rivera, Erik Rubín and Ricky Martin.

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3.- “Dance with me”

The combination of original music and actor Eduardo Capetillo was a successful formula in “Alcanzar una Estrella”, so it was repeated in the soap opera “Baila With Me”. This time, the protagonist was Biby Gaitán. Love transcended the screens, as the Capetillo-Gaitán couple also married in real life. The plot was set in the 1950s, where rock and roll served as the background for the youth drama. It was produced by Luis de Llano and premiered in 1992.

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4.- “High school confidant”

The famous youth actors Iran Castillo and Flavio César starred in this story that takes place in high school. The focal point was a radio program that, in addition to broadcasting music (songs sung by the cast), provided messages and advice to the boys about the problems they faced daily. The performances of Julio Alemán, Nora Salinas and Julieta Rosen also stood out. It was produced by Marco Flavio Cruz and Luis de Llano Macedo in 1996.

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5.- “Pink shoelaces”

Ice skating was the link in this story that was about family, love and the problems faced by youth. It had an adult leading cast headed by Angélica María and Alberto Vázquez, and a youth leading cast made up of Natalia Esperón, Alexis Ayala, Flavio César and Iran Castillo. The telenovela achieved great popularity after its premiere in 1994 and was produced by the successful Luis de Llano.

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6.- “My little naughty girl”

Humor characterized this youth soap opera whose main star was newcomer Michelle Vieth. She played the role of Julia, who dressed up to pass herself off as her brother Julio. That situation created adventures and absurdities in which laughter was guaranteed. In the cast, the performances of Héctor Soberón, Arleth Terán, Mariana Seoane, Mauricio Islas, Rafael Inclán and Enrique Rocha stood out. It aired in 1997 and was produced by Pedro Damián.

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7.- “Rebellious soul”

The Mexican Eduardo Verástegui, today a renowned film producer in Hollywood (“The Sound of Freedom”), was the protagonist of this soap opera along with Lisette Morelos. Under the production of Nicandro Díaz González, the plot is based on love, betrayal and revenge. The story came to the screen in 1999 and also featured the actors Karla Álvarez, Ariel López Padilla, Arleth Terán, Ana Martin, Aracely Arámbula and Otto Sirgo.

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8.- “DKDA, dreams of youth”

Seven members of a musical band seeking to maintain their fame, a fan in love, and problems of all kinds hooked the audience immediately. The 1999 telenovela starred Jan (Gustavo Cárdenas) and Litzy (Litzy Domínguez, although she was later replaced by Andrea Torre). Other relevant actors were Eugenia Cauduro, Otto Sirgo, María Sorté, Nora Salinas, Alessandra Rosaldo, Luis Gatica and José Suárez. Your producer? Once again, Luis de Llano.

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9.- “Dreamers”

After debuting as the protagonist in “My Little Naughty Girl,” the charismatic Michelle Vieth landed another leading role in “Soñadoras.” Actresses Aracely Arámbula, Angélica Vale and Laisha Wilkins were joined by her to bring to life the story of four young girls from different social classes who were in high school. Topics such as sex, depression, fashion, alcohol and drugs were addressed in this story that Emilio Larrosa produced in 1998.

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10.- “Precious”

Sweeter than sugar is this story that featured actors Iran Castillo and Mauricio Islas as protagonists. A girl with an invalid leg who worked taking care of animals in a circus, but who dreamed of being a trapeze artist, made everyone sigh with tenderness. It was produced and directed by Pedro Damián, in 1998. The cast included Nailea Norvind, Felicia Mercado, Héctor Suárez Gomís, Roberto Ballesteros and Marcela Pezet.