7 reasons why you should stop repressing your emotions

Have you seen those videos of influencers They tell you that you should “smile at life” from the moment you wake up until you go to bed, but many times you just can’t? Do not be sad. Research from the University of California at Berkeley, United States, studied the link between the acceptance of emotions … Read more

Which is more important in a relationship?

When we talk about “intimacy” in love, we usually tend to think about physical contact. This is an essential aspect that in most cases is very present, and very intense, in the first stages of relationships, and which then stabilizes, but without disappearing. However, there is also emotional intimacy, a less discussed one, but one … Read more

The Top 10 Hollywood Triple Threats

In the sparkling world of Hollywood, a select few talents shine brighter than the rest. These performers don’t just act, sing, or dance—they master all three, proving that their skills know no bounds. From the undeniable prowess of Beyoncé, whose performances are nothing short of legendary, to Daniel Radcliffe, who has effortlessly transitioned from the … Read more

Top Hollywood Crushes From Your Teenage Days

Who could possibly forget the 2000s, a quirky time when frosted tips, cargo pants, and flip phones reigned supreme? Perhaps the most iconic memories of that era are the heartthrobs who adorned our walls and screens, igniting teenage passions and fervent crushes. As we take a nostalgic journey down memory lane, we’ll revisit those singing … Read more

Find out why Messi avoids contact with other women

The Argentine Lionel Messi has had a career that goes down in football history. With 35 titles won with FC Barcelona, ​​seven Ballon d’Or awards and seven FIFA awards for best player, among other awards, “La Pulga”, as he is known, is considered by many to be the best player in the world. The current … Read more

4 Effective Ways To Respond To The Negativity of Others

It always seems that at the moment when you’re feeling most happy, there’s always somebody around who wants to bring you down. Whether you’ve landed a dream job, found yourself in a new, loving relationship, or made that big sell, Debbie Downer is never far away to be the bearer of completely unnecessary bad news. … Read more