9 Ways Love Affects Your Brain

Love is a wonderful feeling. But sometimes it makes us tend to behave strangely. We walk happily, laughing carefree. We ask others how they feel, because we want to share our feelings! When we love, we are unstoppable. In the morning, we don’t want to sleep under a warm blanket, but on the contrary, enjoy the new day! But this time around, it’s also making us a little crazy. Honestly, we act abnormally when we are in love. We text our crushes and panic if they don’t respond right away. We feel restless and nervous. We tell them over and over again that we love them. We change our outfits, hairstyles, and can’t even concentrate on our normal work because we’re too busy thinking about that person! It even changes who we are and how we behave.

There is a lot of research on how love affects our thoughts and behavior. There are real studies on the effects of being in love. This feeling has a great impact on us, so scientists simply need to understand how our human discovery of love changes brain activities.Here are nine things researchers discovered.

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1. You are worried, and happy, and worried, and happy!

Feeling anxious is usually a negative thing… unless it’s related to feeling in love. You feel very nervous when you find someone, but also worry about whether this relationship will last. You anxiously wait for your next date, then wonder if the other person will cancel. Damned. Feeling both anxious and happy at the same time really takes over your mind, doesn’t it?

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