8 Zodiac Signs Who Fear Love

Since humans first discovered the stars, we’ve been interpreting and seeking meaning in them. Today, we understand that eight of the twelve Zodiac signs have a certain fear of love for various reasons. If you’re curious about which Zodiac signs are the most fearful of relationships and love, continue reading.

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Geminis are able to leave a relationship when things go wrong, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy or enjoyable process for them. They usually aren’t keen on making large commitments to others and often prefer to live a solitary life where they have the freedom to do as they please.

8 Zodiac Signs Who Are Scared of Love


Sagittarius is the epitome of rebound behavior. They can become incredibly sad and heartbroken after a failed relationship, but they often try to ease their pain by going out and having fun with new people.

8 Zodiac Signs Who Are Scared of Love


When a relationship with an Aries ends, they tend to dive into a deep depression. They don’t bounce back as quickly as other Zodiac signs.

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As passionate individuals, Libras dive deeply into their relationships. They’re determined, and if you cross them, it’s likely you’ll be removed from their life for good. They may offer a second chance for a minor mistake, but don’t expect forgiveness for any major wrongdoing.

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The greatest issue for Virgos is their lack of self-confidence. They’re often hesitant to accept compliments and prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. In a Virgo’s mind, opening up makes them vulnerable to getting hurt, which is not something they want.

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When a Scorpio experiences heartbreak, they react as you’d expect from a sign known for being dominant and possessive: by becoming obsessive-compulsive and adhering to a strict schedule to distract themselves from confronting their emotions. Sounds healthy, right?

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The biggest obstacle for Leos – apart from their partners turning 25 – is their tendency to dwell on negative aspects. Once they fall into this downward spiral, it’s difficult for them to find their way out and reignite their passion.

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Capricorns often shoulder the blame for everything that goes wrong in their lives, including failed relationships. They’re known to overanalyze the situation, dwelling on what went wrong and what could have or should have happened if they hadn’t made certain mistakes.