6 Likely Reasons Why Girls Ghost You And Then Want Back In Your Life

Breaking up with a long-time girlfriend can be difficult, but after a period of mourning you develop a sense of closure and you know it’s time to move on. On the other hand, being ghosted by someone who had hinted that she was interested in you is a real punch to the gut. She abruptly stops communicating with you and you have no idea why. Did you say something weird? Did her phone battery die? Or perhaps she’s just really busy and can’t find time to text you back? You really have no idea. But as the days pass, it dawns on you that at this point her phone is probably charged, and even the busiest person in the world would eventually respond if they were still interested in you. You come to the conclusion that she thinks you’re a loser…and then weeks or even months later she writes you out of the blue as if she hadn’t ghosted you! What in the world is going on??? By ignoring you without any explanation, didn’t she make it clear that she was done with you? Here are 6 reasons why she’s contacting you again.

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1. She’s Indecisive

She may have found you attractive, but wasn’t quite sure if you were her type, so in her mind, by ghosting you she was punting on the issue. In other words, she was keeping the door open to the possibility in the future and is now curious to know if she’s disappeared from your radar or if you’re still interested. In this scenario, she is likely to send you a message in the form of an uninspired, impersonal “Hey.” It’s best not to take the bait and simply move on.

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2. She Just Misses the Sex

You were “friends with benefits” and she ghosted you after a couple of hook ups, but now she wants to get it on again. If you’re okay with that, by all means invite her over for a night of passion. But understand that she will likely ghost you again until she’s ready for some more.

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3. She Wants a Break from the Dating Life

Dating is really fun, except when it isn’t. She’s swiped right over and over again, hoping to find the right guy, but they all end up being duds or she just gets tired of asking the same questions. But she thought you were okay. Or at least she didn’t find you annoying. She’s indecisive, but knows you’re a safe choice and that you liked her a lot. But keep in mind that the only reason she’s gotten back in touch with you is because she sees you as the least worst option, or a placeholder until she finds someone she deems more suitable.

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4. She Got Dumped/Ghosted Herself

She went on a few dates with you, and then suddenly she stopped returning your calls and messages. Chances are, she ended up getting into a relationship with somebody she liked more, got her heart broken, and now she’s come crawling back to you. She’s looking for attention, comfort and love, something you made the mistake of giving her before. Her self-esteem is shot, and she is using you to convince herself that she is worth something. You’re as good as soon as she finds the next guy.

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5. She’s Seeking Attention

When you first began communicating with her, she was playing hard to get. You would start the conversation, she would respond a few times, and then stop. A few days later you’d send another message to restart the discussion she’d respond, and then stop again. Then a couple of weeks later, she sends you a message out of nowhere to ask how you’re doing. This is a clear sign that she was craving male attention. But this doesn’t mean you actually have a future together. Eventually she’s going to ghost you permanently once she’s found a new guy to get attention from.

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6. She Feels Guilty About Ghosting You

On rare occasions, a girl who reconnects with you genuinely regrets that they had ghosted you and actually misses you. But by no means does this mean you will live happily ever after. If she was willing to disappear from your life without telling you why, she might by nature be the type of person who keeps a lot of important things to themselves. You’ll need to ask yourself if the relationship is worth it when she’s always keeping you in the dark.