6 Common Reasons Why A Man Would Leave The Woman He Loves

Why do men so often break up with women they seemingly love? On the surface, this seems odd. If a man loves being with her, wouldn’t he want to do everything possible to stay with her forever? When a girl is dumped out of the blue, it’s understandable that she would wonder why. Was it something she did? Why were things going so well and suddenly the relationship is over? The reality is that no matter how much he loves someone, if he isn’t happy, he’s going to do what he feels is best and move on. With that in mind, here are 6 reasons why a man might leave a woman even if he loves her.

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1. She measures happiness solely on the fact that she’s in a relationship

While a relationship should be an essential element of a happy life, it should not be the only thing that brings happiness. In other words, a relationship will only be stable if the couple are able to find happiness outside of it. This could mean succeeding in a career and having a social life beyond being with her all the time. One of the most toxic things that can happen in a relationship is developing a co-dependency in which the couple feel like being together is the key to being happy rather than bringing happiness into the relationship. If he feels burdened with finding ways to make you happy — rather than her finding happiness herself — he will call it quits even if he loves her.

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2. The drama is endless

It goes without saying that guys desire relationships that make them feel good. This does not mean they will get up and leave the instant the relationship goes through difficulties. But as time goes by, if the relationship is experiencing more bad days than good, he will eventually reach a point where he can’t handle the negativity anymore. It could be that she is going through a period of depression but ignores his advice to seek therapy. Or the couple are fighting constantly without any resolution. As much as he loves her, he will eventually decide he’s better off without all that drama.

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3. Conflicting goals that can’t be resolved

In an ideal world, a couple’s life goals would align almost perfectly. But this isn’t the reality. Humans have different interests and want to find their own paths in life. For instance, the guy might want kids, but she doesn’t. He would rather work hard now and retire at 50 whereas she wants to live for the moment, even if it means putting off retirement for another decade. He wants to settle in his quiet hometown while she dreams of moving to a hustling and bustling city.

As soon as it is clear that the relationship has become serious, it is time to sit down and hash all of this out. If the two of you discover that your goals differ significantly and you can’t find compromise, he might conclude that breaking up is the only solution.

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4. She wants to change everything about him

You have undoubtedly been warned that if you nag a guy too much or try to change him, the relationship is doomed. Although there is an element of truth in this, it’s not that simple. A relationship is give and take, and there are times when a girl is in her right to point out bad habits or traits that he needs to work on. Perhaps he drinks too much when they socialize with others and she finds it embarrassing. Or he isn’t maximizing his potential. On the other hand, if everything he does is “wrong” in her book, he will feel like he can never be himself, and he’ll eventually pack his bags and go.

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5. The intimacy is missing

Intimacy is a key component of a healthy relationship. As time goes on, sex is likely to become less frequent because that’s just how long term relationships go. But this doesn’t mean it should be stopping altogether. Keeping the spark alive requires work, but it is necessary to save the relationship. If the sexual needs of each partner is not being met, the relationship is going to fail no matter how much he loves her.

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6. He’s always being compared to other guys

At the root of every relationship is the joy in knowing that your partner could have chosen countless other women to be with, but he chose you! Being aware of this everyday is something that really keeps the relationship going! However, if he feels as though he’s not your first choice — and in particular he’s constantly being compared to your other friends’ boyfriends and husbands — you will run him off.