10 fundamental pillars for a strong relationship

Having a relationship is not easy at all. There is no magic formula that serves to maintain a healthy and happy coexistence. Achieving it will depend on each person, since we all have different needs, tastes and interests. What is an irrefutable fact is that it involves commitment, love, understanding and a lot of patience. If both parties do not make an effort, it is difficult for them to stand the test of time. Here we share a list of 10 steps necessary to maintain a solid and healthy love relationship.

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1.- Trust

It may sound trite, but this is a fundamental issue in any relationship. If you are not able to trust your partner, it will be impossible to maintain a healthy and happy bond. When there are doubts or feelings of mistrust, the ideal is to talk about it and forgive if a mistake has been made. Remember, no one is perfect, and if it’s someone worth it, it’s important to try.

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2.- Acceptance and respect

Mutual respect and acceptance are key points to have a long and balanced life with the person you love. Accepting him as he is and recognizing his positive points and virtues in each situation is a healthy way to show that you accept and love him. You have to encourage the other person to be faithful to their personality. When there is mutual respect, they grow together and recognize the importance of each other.

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3.- Effective communication

Being able to discuss the challenges and problems that arise and, furthermore, find a solution together on terms that are beneficial to both is the basis for effective communication. Closing yourself off from your partner, having unresolved arguments, misunderstandings or resentments only weakens the relationship. You have to focus on listening carefully when your partner tells you something and understand that you are not competing with each other.

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4.- Take care of yourself

Taking care of your partner is a fantastic way to show your love, but it’s also very important to take care of yourself. When you love yourself, the treatment you give to others is much more pleasant. You also have to understand that the couple must be given their space. If this happens, a healthy state of peace is maintained, as it allows you and your partner to take time for yourself. That time and space allows a relationship to be more open, healthy and loving.

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5.- Camaraderie is always a good ally

To fall in love it is necessary to connect emotionally with the other person. If you and your partner create a friendship, it is very likely that you share interests, enjoy the same activities, and have similar or equal goals. If you can revel in each other’s company, even when you’re not behind closed doors, it will build trust and keep your relationship strong.

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6.- Being different makes it interesting

Recognizing each person’s differences becomes one of the most beautiful virtues of a relationship. We are all unique and unequal and this allows us to learn a lot from each other and make everything more interesting. Accepting flaws and empowering virtues also determines the strength of a relationship. Another important point is not to compare your relationship with that of others; It seems obvious, but it is a common mistake in almost all couples. Comparisons are a waste of time because it is impossible to have a relationship equal to that of another. The best thing would be to dedicate the effort to working so that both of you are happy.

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7.- Honesty is the most sensible thing

Although trust is one of the fundamental pillars of any relationship, this is not enough. It is essential to be honest and transparent with your partner. Hiding things or acting in a certain way knowing that you would be offending him is one of the most significant damages you can do to the relationship. Always speaking the truth, whether good or bad, will always be the most sensible thing to do.

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8.- Humility, a powerful value

Developing awareness of your own limitations and weaknesses demonstrates a person’s strength. Forgiving him when he apologizes, or apologizing when he commits a mistake, raises the level of a relationship. Being humble is showing that you value others above all else. Holding grudges will only bring wasted time and resentment, which will keep you from having a strong relationship.

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9.- Emotional support

There will be stages in which you or your partner will feel sad, stressed or absent from the present. This situation could cause emotional disturbance and in those moments they must be there to provide each other with the necessary mutual support to get back on their feet. Support strengthens self-esteem and therefore they will be much stronger people who will be able to face any crisis that comes their way. Knowing that in any circumstance they will be there for each other is essential.

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10.- Time, the best gift

Currently we take many things for granted and sometimes we do not focus on what is truly important: sharing with the loved one. Although we have talked about how vital it is to respect your partner’s space and limits, you have to be aware that to connect with him or her you must give him or her the greatest and most precious thing you have: your time. With money we can buy comfort, but we cannot buy happiness, so it is essential to spend quality time with your better half.