10 celebrities who don’t worry about looking thin

Although we are in an era in which greater inclusion and acceptance of our body is sought, in the world of celebrities there is still a long way to go to change these paradigms. Appearance plays a fundamental role and beauty continues to be associated with thinness. However, some stars in the entertainment industry have stood up to negative comments about their appearance and carry their “extra pounds” with dignity. Here we mention 10 of them.

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1.- Karol G

The Colombian reggaeton artist is a voluptuous and natural woman. On several occasions she has said that she loves to eat and that is why it is normal that sometimes she is a little more “chubby”. She has also revealed that she suffers from insulin problems and it affects her body. However, she has been criticized for the image of her in some photos and videos of her where she exhibits if you blame her body. She defends herself and says that she is just like that and that she is not about being favored by the shots that are taken of her.

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2.-  Marbelle

Maureen Belky Ramírez, the Colombian singer known as Marbelle, suffered because of her weight and appearance since she entered music at the age of 16. “At that time there were no social networks, but the bullying was worse because it was through the same media,” the interpreter said in an interview. in which she revealed that from early on she had several cosmetic procedures (surgeries, liposuctions, etc.) to “look better.” She says that she lived self-conscious about her appearance, until she came to accept it. Recently, the voice of “Amor Sincere” underwent a gastric bypass and lost several kilos. The 42-year-old singer assures that she did it for her health and that she does not intend to look skinny, but rather to be healthier.

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3.- Kelly Clarkson

Her vocal talent is undeniable, as is the continuous criticism she receives for her weight. This has caused the singer to live a battle with her body for some time. Currently, this is not the case. Kelly decided to stop worrying about looking thin and how she was judged. Recently, the winning performer of the first season of “American Idol” said that she was “happy” with her weight and that when she is plump it is because she is healthy, since she suffers from thyroid and her autoimmune system.

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4.- Sheyla Tadeo

The Mexican actress and singer, known for her role in “Betty en NY,” made peace with her body. She was always overweight and that did not stop her from standing out in the artistic world. However, her health began to deteriorate due to the extra pounds on her and she decided to undergo bariatric surgery. Since then she has lost quite a bit of weight, but she maintains her curves. The important thing was that she learned to love herself. “I must learn to love myself, give myself a smile when I see my naked image in front of the mirror, value every centimeter of my belly, love every part of my skin, my fatties. Seeing the cellulite on my legs without shame or guilt, because at the end of the day, that is my body and that is me,” she said in an interview.

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5.-  Amber Riley

His presence on screen has always earned him excellent reviews. Her fans around the world loved her character in the series “Glee”, where she played Mercedes Jones. But her beginnings in the industry were marked by her weight. She has said that on many occasions they asked her to reduce her size to give her a good role and when she did not do so, they offered her to play typical roles of chubby girls with low self-esteem. The American actress assures that she never accepted nor will she accept those roles. “I’ve never wanted to play a character that hates herself,” Amber said bluntly.

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6.- Chiquis Rivera

For her, her curves are not a problem. The businesswoman and singer even describes herself as “fat and sexy.” The daughter of the American singer of Mexican origin Jenni Rivera took on the extra pounds she had on her and understood that the important thing was not to be thin, but to be healthy. To look and feel better she changed her eating style and focused on the keto methodology, of which she is now a specialist and she even published a book. On her social networks she always shares information about methods and products that help her be healthy.

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7.- Adamari López

The Puerto Rican actress and presenter is continually singled out for her weight. It was very difficult for her to regain her figure after having her daughter in 2015, but she decided to downplay the negative reviews and focus on her health. The Puerto Rican said in an interview that she likes to be thin, but that her genetics do not help her. That is why she accepts the image of her as she is. “I cannot live, nor do I want to, nor do I intend to live, pleasing others. “Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, of being, depending on their experiences in life.”

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8.- Meghan Trainor

The American singer Meghan Trainor has openly stated that she is happy with her size. In addition, she is a promoter of movements that encourage us to have a positive body image, regardless of how we look. The “Me Too” and “Made You Look” singer points out that she exercises to be healthy and not to look like a Barbie. The 29-year-old blonde loves to show off her curves without any complexes.

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9.- Lizzo

Lizzo is the best example of how talent and beauty have nothing to do with the weight on the scale. This American singer has earned the respect and affection of her fans and she is even a sexual icon of this generation. She has stated on several occasions that she feels proud of her size, which is already part of her brand. She is also an advocate for minorities and has expressed her discomfort with discrimination. “I don’t care about criticism of my music. I don’t even care about comments about my weight. However, I feel that sometimes the treatment that people like me receive is unfair,” Lizzo wrote on her social networks.

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10.- Kate Winslet

With an Oscar award, five Golden Globe awards, two Emmys and even a Grammy, among many other awards, the talent of British actress Kate Winslet is indisputable. And since she appeared with her curvaceous figure in the 1997 movie “Titanic” she has been an inspiration to thousands of young girls and women around the world. In the 2021 miniseries “Mare of Easttown,” Winslet showed off her natural body in a hot scene and once again became an example for women her age. The star has never wanted to succumb to Hollywood’s impossible standards.