7 Highly Controversial ‘Am I the Jerk?’ Reddit Stories That Will Make You Question Your Moral Compass – Who’s Really at Fault?

Reddit’s communities are also a place where users can share personal stories and ask for public opinion on whether they’re in the wrong. The stories can range from common disagreements that most people have faced to complex ethical dilemmas, often dividing the Reddit audience. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven controversial stories that spurred passionate debate.

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1. I understand you

One user took to Reddit to share an experience that took place when he moved in with his girlfriend of Hispanic heritage during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of quarantine rules, his first meeting with her relatives took place via Zoom. Things got awkward when the family started badmouthing him in Spanish without realizing – wait for it – he understood what they were saying, having been adopted by a Mexican mother as an infant who taught him the language. For instance, he noted how the grandmother was literally grumbling about her dating yet another “white guy,” and offering to set her up with a friend’s nephew. Fed up, he explained to them in Spanish precisely why they loved each other and that moving in together was the next big step in their relationship. Embarrassed, her family apologized for being so inconsiderate, with the exception of the girlfriend’s sister, who believed he was in the wrong for not mentioning right away that he spoke Spanish and that the conversation they were having about him wasn’t his business to be a part of. The consensus amongst the audience was that he was, in fact, not the asshole in this situation.

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2. The Roommate’s Freeloading Girlfriend

A user vented their frustration about their roommate’s girlfriend, who stayed over so often that she might as well be regarded as another occupant of the apartment. Given all of this, he felt it was only fair that the rent and utilities be split three ways, especially since she was known to hang out there even when he and his roommate were at work. But when he suggested this, it led to a huge argument with his roommate who found the request to be unreasonable. This resulted in a lively debate on guest etiquette and whether or not a significant other should feel compelled to make a financial contribution. Some pointed out that when they agreed to move in together, a third roommate wasn’t part of the bargain. Others argued that it was doubtful she was adding much to the utility bill, especially when some of them are fixed costs.

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3. The Scholarship Scandal

One Reddit user had mixed feelings when his daughter confessed that she had exaggerated her grades and had listed a bunch of extracurriculars that she wasn’t actually a part of in order to earn a college scholarship. Knowing that it should have gone to a more deserving student, he made her return the $5,000. Although some believed it was the fault of those offering the scholarship for not having a better vetting process and others pointing out that with the high cost of tuition, she probably felt she had no other choice, the majority sided with the father, saying the girl was essentially taking money that she was not entitled to.

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4. The Surprise Puppy

Surprising your significant other with a puppy on their birthday seems like the most adorable idea ever. At least, that’s what one Reddit user’s boyfriend thought when he brought one home from the dog shelter. However, according to the user, she had previously told him that as much as she loved animals, she wasn’t ready for the kind of commitment that raising a puppy requires. When she returned it to the shelter, it caused a serious rift in the relationship. This sparked a wave of discussions about whether she should have given the puppy a chance, with one user asking, “Dogs are smart and just need to be fed, walked, and played with. How hard could that be?” Others mentioned that since pet ownership had already been brought up, he should have respected her wishes before going out and getting her a puppy.

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5. The Temporary Handicap Placard

In this story, a user recovering from hip surgery mentioned that they had been granted a temporary windshield placard that allowed them to park in a handicapped parking spot for six months. Although they conceded that they had recovered to the point where it was no longer necessary to use it, they continued to use it since it was still legally within their right to do so. Although most of the respondents argued that the poster was gaming the system, others took the position that since they weren’t breaking the law, they had nothing to feel guilty about.

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6. The Employee’s Tragic Story

A VP at a software company took to Reddit to share a story about a 22-year-old employee who had lost both of his parents in a car accident. He had been given a month of paid leave to grieve his loss, and when he returned, it was clear he was still extremely shaken up. Previously one of the most productive members of the team, he was now lacking motivation, sometimes taking weeks before returning calls to clients. As a result, they decided to cut him loose. A very small number of Redditors took the VP’s side, pointing out that businesses have to make decisions that are best for their bottom line, but there was a major consensus that the company was in the wrong and should have been more patient and supportive of a young employee who was now without a father and mother.

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7. The Inherited Land

When the user’s grandfather died, he left several acres of land that included a fishing pond, hunting grounds, and a cottage to the rest of the family with the hope that they would continue to use it for another generation. However, while half of the family wanted to keep it in the family, the other half – including the Reddit user themself – believed it made most sense to sell the land since they’d make a lot of money and weren’t outdoorsy types anyway. Left with a choice of either having to buy out that half of the land themselves or share it with complete strangers, the side of the family in favor of keeping the land grudgingly sold their half as well, leading to a rift that still hasn’t healed. Although some of the respondents felt the grandfather’s wishes should have been granted, most agreed that if the “keep it” side of the family wanted it so badly, they could have taken out a loan to buy out the “sell it” side.