16 Ways to Remind Your Wife That She is Your World

Everyone needs to be appreciated, because it can increase their self-esteem and overall view of themselves. Therefore, if you value someone, expressing your appreciation can have significant meaning to them. This principle can also apply to your marriage. If you want to increase your wife’s self-esteem and self-worth, show your support by showing your appreciation. There are many simple ways to do this, and by making it a habit, you can ensure your wife’s happiness.

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1. Offer positive encouragement

Balancing a career with maintaining a stable family is a very difficult job. Let your wife know that you appreciate her cooking, helping the kids with homework, and being successful at her job. Reminding her that she is making a difference helps motivate her and keeps her happy.

2. Surprise her with flowers or chocolate

Don’t just send her flowers and chocolates on days she’s looking forward to it, like her birthday or Valentine’s Day. To make her feel appreciated, send her these gifts on April 10, August 4, or any other normal day not mentioned. You can also add a short ‘I love you’ message.

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3. Give her lots of physical affection

Complimenting her is fun, but hugging, kissing, and affectionately caressing her after she cooks breakfast or cleans the living room is the real icing on the cake!

4. Give her a chance to rest

When one has to work and care for small children (and a big one – that’s you!) it’s easy to get burned out. Actively encourage her to take time for herself. Invite her to a spa day or a free weekend getaway to her favorite destination.

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5. Plan a surprise for her with the kids

Ask your children to help you plan for your birthday or Mother’s Day. Teaching children the importance of being grateful to others – especially their mothers – from a young age will help them become good citizens when they grow up.

6. Buy a new dress for her

No woman refuses the gift of clothes, especially when it’s a new dress! This gift will be especially meaningful if she rarely buys nice things for herself because she prioritizes the needs of her family.

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7. Help her with housework

She shouldn’t have to take care of everything in the house herself. Share the housework, take the kids out somewhere and help with meal preparation. You won’t believe how grateful she will be!


8. Pay attention to small details

When she gets her nails done, tries out a new lipstick color, or gets a different hairstyle, let her know you’re paying attention. Only a man who truly loves his wife would be so observant!

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9. Prepare breakfast in bed for her

When the weekend comes, no one wants to get out of bed. But what happens when you’re hungry? Luckily for your wife, you’ll be making her breakfast in bed! And not simply a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast! We’re talking pork belly, sausage, fries and an omelet! Of course, leave enough money for the children so she doesn’t have to get up to feed them.

10. Take up a hobby she already enjoys

Does she like jogging? Draw? Read? Play golf? Why not try learning that hobby to create a closer bond and have more ways to have fun together?

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11. Hold her hand in public

Remember when you fell in love and held hands for the first time? Relive those moments every day when going out together! It’s your way of reminding the world that your bond will never be broken.

12. Listen to her opinion.

If you want your wife to truly understand your worth, take the time to listen to her. Respect her opinions and keep her suggestions in mind, especially if you’re looking to better yourself.

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13. Remember important dates

She will love you for planning and celebrating something special on your anniversary, because she knows that a lot of guys forget these days or don’t see their value. Go on a trip with her, or if you don’t have the budget for that trip, at least invite her to dinner at her favorite restaurant.

14. Always be there for her

When your wife is going through difficult times – whether she’s sick or living with the loss of someone important in her life – it’s important that you stay by her side and help her. He overcomes everything.

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15. Invite her to the movies

Take yourself back to your childhood days when you and your partner watched movies together at the cinema. Leave the kids with the babysitter and make it a romantic experience if you know what we mean!

16. Start and end your day with ‘I love you’

The first words out of your mouth when you wake up should be ‘Good morning, I love you,’ and the last words when you turn off the light to go to bed should be ‘I love you, good night.’