• Netflix Release Date: March 18, 2022
  • Director: Charlie McDowell
  • Stars: Jason Segal, Lily Collins, Jesse Plemons

Windfall Trailer



Director Charlie McDowell (The One I Love) continues his collaboration with The Discovery’s co-writer Justin Lader and stars Jason Segel and Jesse Plemons for another writer’s Netflix project. McDowell previously collaborated with Lader and Segel on the film The Discovery. Windfall, a home invasion thriller directed by Segel, employs the director’s sultry pacing and intimate conversational style to pit a “nobody” (Segel) against a Zuckerbergian tech mogul (Plemons) and his young wife (Lily Collins, McDowell’s real-life wife). In its bare-bones simplicity, the meandering thriller entertains us by baking us in the orange groves outside the wealthy couple’s vacation home and simmering us in the tension between their marriages. Despite the fact that it has a palpable sense of rage, thanks in part to Plemons’ delicious smugness and Segel’s body-felt frustration, its ideas are as limited as its setting and cast. Having said that, Windfall is brief and occasionally nasty, which elevates it to the level of lightly pulpy rather than overtly trite—even if the Silicon Valley revenge fantasy never feels like anything more than that.

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