Who is Jenni Rivera First Husband, José Trinidad Marín (Trino)?

Who exactly is José Trinidad Marn, the man who used to be married to Jenni Rivera?

Trino Marin, also known as José Trinidad Marn, was a partner of several famous people in the past. The primary reason for his widespread notoriety is that he was formerly married to the singer Jenni Rivera. Her first husband was a man named Trino Marin.

When Jose Trinidad Marin’s daughters Chiquis and Jacquie Rivera and his sister-in-law Rosie Rivera were still little, he subjected them to sexual assault. He also did this to Rosie when she was a toddler.

Jenni Rivera, who was formerly married to Jose, had a successful career as a singer and actress. She was also a producer in addition to being a generous philanthropist in her own time. In addition to that, she was an entrepreneur in her own right.


José Trinidad Marn is currently doing time in prison for a variety of offenses, including sexual assault, which he committed. Trino Marn was found guilty of his crimes in 2007 and received a sentence of 31 years in jail; he is currently serving his sentence without the possibility of release.


Facts on Jenni Rivera Spouse, José Trinidad Marín aka Trino Marín?

Name Jose Trinidad Marin (Trino Marín)

Celebration of birth on February 15, 1964

58 years old as of now

Gender Male

Approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall

Nationality American

Children Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Michael Marin

Jenni Rivera should get a divorce.


The estimated net worth of José Trinidad Marin in 2022

According to the information that we have, Jose Marin is in control of between 600,000 and 800,000 USD. Trino was terminated from his previous management position. According to what he said, someone had developed the myth that he intended to start sexual relationships with the other people who worked in the same place as him. However, after being questioned, it became clear that it was never a rumor in the first place. Another of Jose’s coworkers was abused by Jose as well.

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The disagreement in the family of Jose Trinidad

Jose has a reputation for having broken his boundaries with Jenni’s younger sister, in addition to his status as the spouse of a star. In 1997, the younger Rivera sister admitted to mistreating and assaulting Jose Marin. Her confession came the same year. Jenni’s sister made the revelation in a statement that not only did he sexually abuse her, but he also tormented his own elder daughter Chiquis. Chiquis is Jenni’s older sister. Following the publication of the findings of the physical examination, it became abundantly evident that Trino Marin had abused his own daughters, Jaqueline and Chiquis.

Following the exposure of this assault case to the general public, Jose Marin was given a sentence of nine years in prison. After thereafter, in April of 2006, Marin was given a sentence of 31 years in prison due to the fact that his case of rape and violence was substantiated. In addition to that, he was charged with abusing his wife, Jenni. In 1992, the singer ended her marriage to Trino Marin by filing for divorce.


The trial of Jose Trinidad, once married to Jenni Rivera

The actress and Trino were involved in a contentious legal battle for a period of one year prior to the court declaring Jose guilty. Following the conclusion of the trial, the judge sentenced Marin to 31 years to life in jail. In addition, it has already been made very clear that there will be no possibility of receiving early release for exemplary behavior.

At the time of the hearing, each and every member of Trino Marin’s family was present in the courtroom (including all his children). Between the ages of 8 and 12, Jose subjected his older daughter, Chiquis, to a pattern of abuse and harassment. During the hearing, however, she made it abundantly clear that she had forgiven her father and that she still loved him. It’s possible that he believes I’m trying to hide him. The fact that he is my father, however, will never be hidden from the truth.

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Jenni Rivera has sadly passed away (Plane Crash)

On December 9, 2012, Jenni Rivera was killed when her plane crashed. During that period, she was a passenger on Learjet 25. An accident that occurred in the sky was brought on by a minor technical difficulty with the plane’s engine. The jet went down in the Monterrey region of Mexico. In addition to River, six other passengers lost their lives as a result of that accident.

Due to the unfortunate turn of events, Jenni Rivera was supposed to give a performance at a musical event that was scheduled to take place in Mexico. Her final recites were performed on December 31st, 2012 in Long Island, her native state, where she was born. Rivera was laid to rest in the cemetery that is a part of the All Souls Chapel.

Find out more information about the late singer Jenni Rivera.


10 Points to Know About Jose Trinidad

  1. Trino Marin is a nickname that has been given to Jose Trinidad.
  2. Jose Trinidad, the ex-husband of the late singer Jenni Rivera, was born in 1964, making him 58 years old at this point in his life. It is common knowledge that he honors his birthday on February 15th of each year.
  3. When it comes to his marriage, singer Jenni Rivera was Jose Trinidad’s spouse for many years. When they were seniors in high school, they had their first date, and four years later, in 1984, they tied the knot. Nevertheless, they parted ways in the year 1992.
  4. When it comes to his family, very few specifics regarding Trinidad’s parents are available to the public. However, the identity of his sibling has not been disclosed, despite the fact that we know he has one.
  5. When it comes to his progeny, Jose Trinidad and his ex-wife Jenni have produced three offspring together. He is a father to two daughters as well as a son. Chiquis Rivera is the name of his elder daughter, while Jacqie Campos is the name of his younger daughter. Michael Marin is the name of this man’s son.
  6. Is jose trinidad marin still in jail? Yes, Jose is incarcerated at the moment after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault.
  7. Jenni made the decision to divorce Jose because she felt that he was emotionally abusing her during their marriage.
  8. In the criminal complaint, Trinidad is accused of sexually abusing Jenni’s sister Rosie Rivera, as well as Chiquis Rivera, his daughter, and Jacqie Campos.
  9. In 2007, Trino Marin was given a sentence that required him to serve 31 years in prison without the possibility of parole.
  10. In the year 2017, Jose got to spend some time with his younger daughter Jacquie. In addition to posting images of herself and her father on her social media accounts, Jacquie pleaded with her followers to forgive her father and to give him a second shot in life.
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