What does “Mantling” mean in the game Fortnite?

Fortnite: When you play Fortnite, you might need to grab onto things when you are running towards something or away from something. You need to be able to do this for the game to work. In the game, there are a lot of tasks that require you to mantle.

This means you need to know what mantling is and how to do it in Fortnite. What does “mantling” mean in the game Fortnite? Today, the answer to this question will be given. Learn more about what it is and how to do the procedure by reading on.

In Fortnite, what exactly does “Mantling” mean?

Epic Games added a way to move around called “mantling” to the game Fortnite. It lets you climb any big building with little effort.

This means you can use mantling to grab the edge of a wall and climb up it. This part of the game wasn’t there until recently, but it has since been added.

If you want to learn how to mantle in Fortnite, you should keep reading this guide.

How to do the “Mantle” move in Fortnite

You can mantle in Fortnite by going to the edge of any wall inside a building. When you get to the place, push and hold the button that matches the system you’re using. Here’s how to jump, based on the console you have:

  • PC: Spacebar
  • Xbox: A
  • PlayStation: X
  • Switch: B
  • Mobile: Button on the right

After you have successfully landed on the wall, your character will grab the edge of the structure and pull itself up. This function is very helpful when trying to climb the tall buildings in Fortnite.

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After you’ve climbed to the top of the tall building, fire a Kamehameha from above.

Have you used the mantling feature in Fortnite yet? If you don’t know how, read the last sentence. You will find that having this key skill will help you a lot when trying to reach important goals in Fortnite.

Fortnite is now ready to play and can be downloaded for free on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Series X/S, iOS, Android, and personal computers.


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