We Need to Talk
We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk About Video Game Trailer Previews and YouTuber Comedy

We Need to Talk Releasing Date

Introducing the trailer for We Need to Talk, a film from Global Digital Releasing, which we are thrilled to premiere on ComingSoon. The comedy, which takes place in the “comical world of gaming and influencers,” will be released on May 13 by Universal Studios. With James Maslow in the lead role and Emily Bett Rickards in the supporting role, Todd Wolfe’s film is written and directed by himself. On May 12, the general public is invited to a special screening of the film, during which they will be able to interact with the cast, see previously unseen footage, and purchase merchandise from the production.

In the official synopsis, Scott is described as “a self-absorbed online video game influencer who speaks to millions of fans every day, but who is unable (or unwilling) to communicate with the people he loves.” As he walks out the door one morning, his girlfriend Aly informs him that ‘we need to talk.’ He is blissfully unaware that he is the source of the problem.” Scott is thrown into a tailspin for the rest of the day as he seeks wisdom, advice, and emotional support from his social media network of friends, internet trolls, and a myriad of online characters from all over the world,” the synopsis says.

We Need to Talk is a documentary about the importance of communication.

We Need to Talk Trailer

Additionally, Christel Khalil, Johnathan Hernandez, and Tray Chaney are featured in the film. Several influencers make cameo appearances, including Clementinator, DubDotDUBBY, Secret LeonGids, GlitterXplosion, HipHopGamer, AlexER, and FroKnowsPhoto. Clementinator is a member of the Clementinator Collective.

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At its core, Wolfe describes the film as “a romantically infused coming-of-age comedy centered on Great Scott…a spoiled man child who has been spoiled by his impulsive social media “fan” base.” “We Need to Talk” is directed by Wolfe. This film, in the tradition of cult classics such as Billy Madison and Tommy Boy, has an inherent heartbeat that keeps up with the pace of its sometimes crude, locker-room humor.

We Need to Talk (Trailer & Releasing Date)

I was inspired to write the script by my personal experiences working for a narcissistic YouTuber and witnessing firsthand the self-indulgence and delusions that tend to surround the social media industry. When combined with my proclivity for playing video games at two o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon, I found myself becoming more preoccupied with my professional concerns than with my personal relationships. When I started thinking about it, I realized that these various circumstances might make for an interesting story and that they might be as amusing to an audience as they had become to me. Hopefully, they are, and the film elicits laughter, warmth, and appreciation at just the right moments…and elicits some of the same emotions I experienced as a child while watching the films of revered comedic storytellers such as John Hughes, Harold Ramis, and John Landis.”