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“Glowing” – Zenesoul Makes a Recurrence With Her Uplifting Single “Glowing”

Zenesoul flips the notion of perfection on its head with her new single “Glowing,” which unapologetically states that there is strength in being true to oneself.

Watch The Official Music Video “Glowing” by Zenesoul

"Glowing" by Zenesoul
“Glowing” by Zenesoul

On her new single, “Glowing,” the Brampton musician embraces positivity and praises Black beauty in order to encourage her audience. “No one should be made to feel less than because of who they are,” she says in an interview with Complex Canada. She goes from feeling excluded because of her appearance to reclaiming the minute details that distinguish her by choosing to appreciate them. “Our flaws are magnified on social media, but I want to remind myself and my listeners that we were all created individually and deserve to cherish every single thing about ourselves, period!”

With the glittering neo-soul sound, with instrumentation that flirts with ’70s R&B to give her words some more punch, this confident demeanor effortlessly shines through to the listener. With Zenesoul’s frank observations on sunkissed melanin and shea butter, the outcome is a nostalgic yet sleek offering. Ultimately, the punchy verse by Esquire just serves to reaffirm Zenesoul’s argument, which she makes unequivocally: black is beautiful, and you must never forget it.

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When we inquired about the track, Zenesoul shared her thoughts on the importance of spreading self-love and shining from inside.

What role do the lyrics of the song have in uplifting and empowering Black women?
The words of the song remind black women of our physical characteristics and the beauty that may be found in them. In light of the fact that black women have been hyper-sexualized and utilized in scientific research for many years, this song serves as a reminder that our bodies are our temples and that no one else has the right or the authority to dictate what we do with them.

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What are some of the things you do to make sure you’re “glowin'” all the time?
Words have tremendous power. One thing I’ve started doing is talking about myself in a more positive light. In the meantime, I’m gazing in the mirror and reminding myself of all the great things that I have and all the things that I’m working on right now. The radiance comes from being self-assured and accepting of who you are. Once you have it, no one will be able to dim your light because you will be dazzling!

Because this song is all about loving oneself, I’d like to get your thoughts on whether or not you think the song promotes self-love.
In spite of the fact that this music emphasizes the fact that I have Black features, I want this track to inspire self-love for everyone listening to it. Everyone should take time to appreciate oneself. Too many of us are attempting to be someone or something we are not, especially in light of what we see on social media. However, we are all unique, and we should embrace and appreciate our individuality.

What was your favorite part of the process of composing this track?
My favorite aspect of the process of writing this song was being able to identify all of the people who contributed to it. I now have a song that perfectly captures my personality. Not just about my life story or love life, but also about my physical appearance. I really enjoyed how well Esquire’s portion blended into the overall tune. To me, the way he recognized Black women was really wonderful, and it made me love my own Blackness even more, knowing that it is being admired by our male counterparts throughout the world.

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