Twenty-two flower locations in Pentiment

Every One of Pentiment’s Twenty-Two Flower Locations

Do you have questions about the purpose of the many floral sites in Pentiment and where you may find them? Flowers, much like those lovable companion animals, may be found all across Tassing and the Kiersau Abbey.

You will gain knowledge about them and the possible applications of that knowledge as you engage with them. Take a break from figuring out who committed the murder and gain an award by smelling the gorgeous flowers.

Where in Pentiment You Can Find Each and Every Plant Location

Plants can be found in a variety of locations, including the town of Tassing and the Kiersau Abbey. When you are close enough to a flower to smell it, an Investigation symbol will appear on it to let you know that you are able to smell it.

You will receive in-game text describing the sort of flower and the purposes it serves if you interact with one of these plants. The backdrops that you select will cause this description to shift and adapt accordingly.

How exactly do you become worthy of the achievement?

In order to obtain the accomplishment Smell the Roses, you will need to interact with 10 different flowers so that you can smell their scent.

However, you do not need to smell all of the flowers in the same order in order to obtain this achievement.

If you have previously gone through the game, you can still earn this achievement as long as you still have access to 10 flowers in total. I have listed all of the flower places for each Act here for your convenience.

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Note that the same flowers appear in each of the three Acts, despite the fact that their settings are different.

When the player interacts with a “new” bloom, the game keeps track of this information. It will not be possible to unlock the accomplishment by continually interacting with the same flower.

Act 1

  • Feverfew in the Convent Garden
  • Cinquefoil in the Convent Garden
  • Woundwort in the Convent Garden
  • Columbine in the Meadow
  • Irises in the Meadow
  • Snowdrops in the Meadow
  • Woundwort in North Town
Act 2
  • Wildflowers in the Meadow
  • Cinquefoil in the Meadow
  • Thyme in the Forest
  • Wonderwort in North Town
  • Thyme in the Meadow
  • Feverfew in the Convent Garden
  • Cinquefoil in the Convent Garden
  • Woundwort in the Convent Garden

Act 3

  • Camomille by Saint Maritz’s statue in the Forest
  • Horehound by the Coal Smokers and Vacslav’s tent
  • Mugwort by the Convent Garden
  • Anise in the Meadow
  • Violets in the Meadow
  • Anise by the Alban Bakery
  • Horehound in the Forest

Pentiment is currently available for purchase on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


Twenty-two flower locations in Pentiment

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