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13stream is presenting the premiere of an exclusive clip from the upcoming horror flick Those Who Call. The motion picture will be available online on January 10, 2023.

An Exclusive Clip From "Those Who Call" Ups the Stakes

According to the plot summary, the story follows two sisters travelling across the country to visit their brother in Colorado. As they made their way there, their automobile broke down in a deserted old town. They quickly become aware that things aren’t what they appear to be and that they aren’t the only ones in the jungle. They soon discover that a savage pagan cult is pursuing them, forcing them to do everything possible to stay alive.

Watch the exclusive Those Who Call video clip that’s been posted down below:

Those Who Call Trailer

Anubys Lopez penned the screenplay and also directed Those Who Call. Addison Cousins, Angie Sandoval, Yetlanezi Rodriguez, and Kevin Kinkade are some of the actors who appear in it.

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