The Trek to Yomi preview

An outstanding tribute to Akira Kurosawa, the Trek to Yomi preview is here!

Trek to yomi preview: To kick off this preview of Trek to Yomi, if you look at this, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is that it is only attempting to recreate the “feel” of a Kurosawa film with its aesthetics.

I am here to say that what Flying Wild Hog has created is actually more than that – this is a real homage in the truest sense to the legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, from its visuals to its combat all the way up to its overall vision. I am here to say that Flying Wild Hog has created something that is actually more than that.

The limited time I had for our Trek to Yomi preview left me completely dumbfounded. The guys at Flying Wild Hog could convince anyone that this is a Japanese game developed by a major Japanese media firm as a tribute to Akira Kurosawa. Read on for my in-depth preview to find out why I believe Trek to Yomi has the potential to be one of the most exciting video games of 2022 – or any time in recent history. I can say with all candor that I cannot wait to see more of it.

Take a trip to Yomi

Flying Wild Hog was the game’s developer.

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Windows PC (Previewed), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 are the platforms supported.

Release Date: 2022

Participants: 1

Price: ???

When you first start out in our preview for Trek to Yomi, you are immediately thrown into a real, populated, feudal Japanese environment. Everything in the game, from the buildings and costumes to the characters and their lives, has been painstakingly researched and re-created to be as historically accurate as possible.

People are walking around, talking, and generally going about their business in the initial hamlet of the game, which takes place in medieval Japan. The visuals of Trek to Yomi are nothing short of a masterclass in their field.

If you are a fan of Kurosawa or earlier films, you are going to be utterly astounded by the amount of attention to detail that Flying Wild Hog placed into the excellent cinematic presentation that is seen in Trek to Yomi.

Trek to Yomi has a very fascinating and authentic look of an actual movie that Kurosawa himself could have done in his lifetime. This is in contrast to the majority of huge budget games, which aim to provide a “cinematic” experience.

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For the purpose of our Trek to Yomi preview, the game automatically selected “Epic” settings when it was running on my respectable system, and the game does not disappoint at those settings. Even the god rays, the strong contrast at 16mm, and the foreground that was darkened and out of focus all contributed to the overall effect.

Everything about our preview of Trek to Yomi was truly mind-blowing due to how fantastic this game looks and how well it plays. I should mention that there were a few minor glitches in the starting town, which were probably caused by the insanely high amount of NPCs, items, and other things that were going on.

One of the aspects that I feel deserves a lot of attention is the fact that Trek to Yomi makes an actual attempt at a cinematic presentation by using predetermined camera angles. This is a really cinematic experience, in which literally each and every scene and place has been thought about, prepared, and put into the most focused aesthetic possible.

Flying Wild Hog has provided not merely a game, but an actual, playable movie with Trek to Yomi. This is something that large-scale game developers can only dream of and have not even come close to accomplishing.

When it comes to the gameplay in Trek to Yomi, I can state with absolute certainty that Flying Wild Hog did not let me down. This is an experience that is visceral, harsh, and unrelenting. After attempting both its regular and above-standard difficulties, I can say with confidence that the level of difficulty is spot on.

You pick up skills like attacking, blocking, parrying, and more in a short amount of time. The main character, Hiroki, comes from a poor background but grows up to become a full-fledged samurai and a disciple of bushido. The fight scenes kept drawing me back for more.

The body and hand movements, the way Hiroki, teammates, and adversaries move and run, and everything else looks so amazing when it’s animated in Trek to Yomi is what makes the game’s animations so impressive.

Even after dying a few times, I just wanted to see more of the game’s famous sights and take on more foes since the combat in Trek to Yomi is so well-polished. This is a testament to how good the game is.

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Because the combat in Trek to Yomi is so fast and so kinetic, it took me a little while to actually get the timing down, but it’s honestly one of the best combat engines I’ve ever played. One of the most important things to note about the parrying in our Trek to Yomi combat preview is that it is absolutely solid.

Fights really feel and look authentic, like something you might see in a period film. This is true regardless of whether you are facing off against a single foe or a large group. Even the AI of the enemies has been given serious consideration.

Because you actually only have a few of hits before you die, the fight can feel a little touch and go at times. However, this is true not only for you but also for your adversaries.

There is a nicely varied combo system that you slowly begin to unlock new abilities for, beginning with your standard quick attack and heavy attack combos, leading up to running attacks, reversals, and of course – bloody finishers. The combos start out with your standard quick attack and heavy attack combos, starting with your standard quick attack and heavy attack combos.

Given the level of care and attention that Flying Wild Hog has placed into the game’s aesthetics and gameplay, it is inconceivable that the game’s music and voice cast could fail to live up to expectations. Both the sound and music in Trek to Yomi are naturally of the highest caliber.

My preview of Trek to Yomi kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of the experience, from the moment it began to the moment it concluded, captivated by its stunning visuals, intense gameplay, and pulsating classical Japanese musical accompaniment. The inclusion of music and sound effects in a cinematic presentation definitely helps to round out the experience and make it more immersive.

The score of Trek to Yomi features a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from more ethereal wind pieces with faint percussion here and there to thumping, exciting moments that wonderfully accentuate the fight scenes.

Whether it be a chat scene, an exploring portion, or those consistent battles you run into, everything in Trek to Yomi feels exactly correct and precisely creates the mood for the experience that you are having.

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The major cast of characters in Trek to Yomi, including the male protagonist Hiroki and the female lead Aiko, as well as the game’s numerous supporting characters and villains, all have superb voices. The voice cast is very strong in this game.

The game’s vast cast of non-player characters (NPCs) all have Japanese voices, making it feel more like an actual movie production than a video game, since virtually every NPC you come across will have something to say or do. While many of the NPCs were tragically losing their lives at the hands of deadly bandits, some of the NPCs were talking about how a girl keeps rejecting them.

When we are performing our preview for Trek to Yomi, the sound effects are also highly authentic and visceral. These sound effects range from bone-crunching sword attacks to its people all doing different things to its environmental sound effects.

It is quite astounding how much attention to detail was put into creating Trek to Yomi. There were times when I stood in the middle of a windswept forest and just listened to the minute soundtrack because I was so amazed by everything that was included in the game.

In closing with our Trek to Yomi preview, I was actually shocked when the demo ended because it reverted back to the title screen – and I was literally begging to see more.

It’s been awhile since a game has had me completely hooked like this but Trek to Yomi has me absolutely blown away with its masterful entrance.

Trek to Yomi is a game that cannot be missed when it releases (hopefully) soon, because I’ll be thinking about it and wanting to play more.

Trek to Yomi launches 2022 on Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, including Game Pass.


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