The new Contracts feature in Pistol Whip encourages players to come out of retirement. June 16

Pistol whip: Accept daily tasks, or put your stamina to the test by completing multi-scene runs that are difficult to finish.

No respectable assassin ever truly hangs up his gun. Pistol Whip Contracts is here to make you an offer that you just cannot refuse; all you need to do is sign your name on the dotted line, and the search for your targets will get on immediately.

Your assignment: elimination. Contracts are a revolving daily, weekly, and monthly challenge system designed to keep even the most experienced assassins on their toes.

Using Contracts, you can discover an entirely new way to eliminate your foes and gain the rewards associated with doing so.

Do you want to quickly rack up some kills and then make your escape? Greetings, and welcome to the Daily Bounty, an ever-changing scene that awaits your arrival.

The Weekly Raid is a multi-scene operation that resets once each week, and it is offered to players who want the opportunity to brag that they have completed a more challenging assignment.

There is nothing more dangerous than attempting the Monthly Ultimatum, which is a harrowing test that consists of up to five different levels and is reset at the beginning of each new month. This test is only for seasoned players, professionals, and those who have no fear.

The Styles System in Pistol Whip gives players a vast selection of weaponry and modifiable attributes, allowing them to fully personalize their gameplay experience however they see fit.

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However, we do not hire you to think; rather, we hire you to kill, and there are occasions when a mercenary merely wants to grab a weapon and finish their job without any hassle.

Bring on the Contracts. It has never been simpler to plunge right into the middle of the action.

Contracts are designed to offer a wide range of pre-set combinations of play styles, weapons, foes, and environments, making it possible for a shooter of any degree of expertise to engage in a wide variety of dynamically shifting challenges.

“Contracts leverage our wide array of gaming components, in addition to a few unexpected surprises, in order to serve up delectable layer cakes of vengeance, each and every day.”

According to the Game Director, Joel Green. “The optional multi-scene endurance contracts are something that we’ve wanted to introduce for a long time, and the designers are salivating in anticipation of the inevitable misery that our more ambitious players will endure,”

When the time limit on a player’s contract has expired, they will receive an insignia that clearly displays their rating and is marked with that player’s ranking.

There is a possibility that those assassins who reach the number one position will be awarded a valuable coin, but this raises the question of whether or not they will attempt to rule just one board or all of the boards.

New modifiers have been included for quicker bullets, slower bullets, and stronger player armor; these are just some of the additions that have been made to the Styles menu as part of this update. Other changes that have been made to the menu are intended to improve user accessibility.

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Pistol Whip Contracts is scheduled to be released on PS VR on June 16, and it will incorporate rotating daily, weekly, and monthly missions into the heart-thumping action of the Pistolverse.

We anticipate that you will be participating alongside the other mercenaries who are returning to the game from all around the world. No compromise. No leniency. To put it simply, get the job done.


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