The official trailer for The Low Tone Club, an upcoming Latin American original series on Disney+, has been released. The series will star award-winning Colombian musician Carlos Vives as a music teacher who will motivate a group of students who are considered outsiders. On November 30, the coming-of-age drama with a music theme will be accessible to stream online.

The Low Tone Club
The Low Tone Club

The Low Tone Club stars stars Kevin Bury, Elena Vives, Brainer Gamboa, María Fernanda Marín, Catalina Polo, Gregorio Umaña, Manuela Duque, Salomé Camargo, Juan Camilo González, Juan Diego Panadero, Pitizion, Juan Manuel Lenis, Luis Fernando Salas, Giseth, Deisy and Zoila Mariano, Melanie Dell’Olmo, and Sharik Abusaid.

The Low Tone Club Trailer

According to the synopsis, “It follows the story of Amaranto Molina (Vives), an unconventional music teacher who starts teaching at a music school that only encourages students who do well by commercial success standards,” and “It follows the story of Amaranto Molina (Vives), an unconventional music teacher.”

At the beginning of each school year, Principal Eduardo Kramer (Julián Arango) selects five students to be a part of the prestigious Teen Band at the school.

These students are known as The High Tones. On the other hand, Molina will be in charge of a group of students called The Low Tones. These students’ abilities do not meet the requirements set forth by the school.

This eccentric instructor and The Low Tones will embark on a musical journey to help heal wounds and inspire each of them to express their unique talents. He will accomplish this through his unconventional teaching methods.

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Along the way, the students will gain additional knowledge about Mr. Molina and uncover their instructor’s secretive and mysterious history.

It is anticipated that the series will include original music composed by Carlos Vives. Have a look at the promotional video and the key art poster that is provided below:

"The Low Tone Club" Trailer for Disney+'s Latin American Original Series