The Honeymoon Teaser Introduces Maria Bakalova in a Comedic Role

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The official trailer for the upcoming adventure comedy The Honeymoon has been published by Lionsgate. The film centers on a newlywed couple whose romantic journey to Venice is gatecrashed by the groom’s bumbling best buddy. On December 16, the movie will debut in some theaters and will also be available via video-on-demand.

The Honeymoon Teaser Introduces Maria Bakalova in a Comedic Role

The film demonstrates how Adam’s best friend Bav, who was on honeymoon with Adam and Sarah, inadvertently damaged a drug lord’s prized art collection while trying to retrieve a lost painting.

Adam and Bav need to make a drug delivery to pay for the damage, and while Sarah is being kept hostage by the attractive mobster who seems to have feelings for her, they will have to accomplish it.

Take a look at the official trailer for The Honeymoon down below:

The Honeymoon Trailer

Dean Craig is responsible for writing and directing The Honeymoon (Death at a Funeral, Love Wedding Repeat). Pico Alexander, Asim Chaudhry, and Maria Bakalova, both of whom have been nominated for an Academy Award, starred in this movie. In addition, Marco Valerio Montesano, Michele Enrico Montesano, and Lucas Bravo will be there.

According to the plot summary, Adam and Sarah are about to embark on their honeymoon in Venice after their recent wedding. “However, when Adam invites his best friend Bav along for the excursion, Bav unleashes one gross-out calamity after another.”

When the charming criminal Giorgio develops feelings for Sarah, he gets rid of Adam and Bav by dispatching them on a drug-dealing expedition that takes them across the border. They have to outrun the Slovenian police, avoid gunfire from the bad guys, and make it back before Sarah obtains a new lover who is rich and in the mob.

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Notorious Pictures is responsible for producing The Honeymoon, and Guglielmo Marchetti is the film’s executive producer. Bakalova and Piers Tempest are also responsible for its production.