Tales from the Crip: Snoop Dogg, Rodney Barnes team for horror comic book

We learned in August of last year that Rodney Barnes, founder of Zombie Love Studios, was working on a Blacula graphic novel, which is scheduled to be published at some point in 2018. Now, Barnes has announced another interesting project: he will be collaborating with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg on a horror anthology comic book series called Tales from the Crip! Below is a piece of artwork from Tales from the Crip that has been created in a style that is similar of Creepshow.

The press release that our friends over at Bloody Disgusting were able to get their hands on describes Tales from the Crip as being “in the tradition of the classic EC comics of old.” The comic book series will include the following:

Tales from the Crip is scheduled to be published by Zombie Love Studios sometime during the fall of this year. According to the press announcement, the book will be published following Barnes’ Blacula graphic novel, which will have a sneak peek in the month of September.

Barnes is also the protagonist of the Eisner Award-nominated comic book series Killadelphia, which tells the story of a Philadelphia police officer who stumbles upon a vampire horde while on the job.

As someone who enjoys reading collections of short horror stories, such as Tales from the Crypt, Masters of Horror, Tales from the Darkside, Creepshow, Tales from the Hood, and many others, I’m curious to find out what kind of terrifying tales Snoop Dogg and Rodney Barnes will share in this comic book.

Some information about Zombie Love Studios is provided below:

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Zombie Love Studios is the brainchild of veteran and award-winning screenwriter, producer, and graphic novel creator Rodney Barnes. The company was established with the intention of producing the most innovative and creative graphic novels based on genres that the publishing industry has ever seen. The culture-shifting company provides its readers with layered stories of the macabre that combine politics, social resonance, and history with the nuance and specificity of the unique cultural forces that influence the mindsets of its characters and the tales they tell. These stories combine politics, social resonance, and history with tales of the macabre that combine these elements. Barnes is able to simultaneously expand his creative footprint while also making a larger impact on the comic industry through the elimination of the typical creative limitations and boundaries, which allows for the rawest and unfiltered depictions of the culture. Zombie Love Studios is a creative space dedicated to storytelling that is centered around BIPOC voices and perspectives. Barnes and Zombie Love Studios are planning to publish a number of other titles in 2022 in addition to Tales From The Crip. These titles will include Blacula, a graphic novel adaptation of MGM’s classic film from the 1970s; Crownsville, a ghost story set in the first black insane asylum in America; and Florence and Normandie, a science fiction epic set in South Los Angeles that Barnes has partnered with rapper Xzibit to create. All of these titles are scheduled to be released in

This year, in addition to Snoop Dogg’s Tales from the Crip, we’ll also be treated to his other terrifying works. In addition, he has a part in the upcoming vampire action horror film Day Shift, which has Jamie Foxx in the lead role of a vampire hunter and is scheduled to be made available on Netflix’s streaming service at some point in the year 2022.

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