Sun God is ghostface killah's son

Sun God is the son of rapper Ghostface Killah.

One of Ghostface’s kids is known by his stage moniker Sun God, whose true name is Dennis Ames. He did what his two other brothers, Infinite and Supreme Coles, had done before him and followed in their father’s footsteps.

Supreme Coles is a rapper, but his brother Infinite Coles is a singer. His father, Ghostface Killah, was a leading member of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, and the group enjoyed success together before disbanding to focus on other aspects of life.

There is a persistent urban legend that Sofia Diggs is his biological mother, although this is not the case. Although she had a romantic relationship with Ghostface, she is not the biological mother of Sun God, Infinite, or Supreme.

Because of the reputation in the music industry that his father established for him, Sun God has a lot of name recognition.

Even though he isn’t as skilled behind the mic as his father was, and even though he isn’t a major player in the music industry, he isn’t doing too badly for himself.

He is a member of a rap collective that is quite well-known and is responsible for the release of a few tracks under his own name, including C.R.E.A.M., Protect Ya Neck, Gravel Pit, and others.

It is unknown to the general public what he is worth, how tall and heavy he is, when and where he was born, who his partners are, or what he studied. He has made the most of his social media accounts private, and he hasn’t been very active on Twitter as of late.

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Sun God, the son of Ghostface Killah, involved with firearms.

It is suspected that Sun has engaged in unlawful activity involving firearms. Despite the fact that he was not shot, he was arrested for illegally having firearms.

When the police were performing a floor-by-floor patrol of 225 Park Hill Ave. on October 30th, 2013, they observed Mr. Ames at the stairs.

As soon as he saw the cops, he threw the Smith & Wesson revolver, which was a.38 caliber model, to the ground and hurried away. Following the investigation, forensics discovered his fingerprint on the weapon.

Once more in the year 2019, the police were carrying out a search warrant at his flat located on the fifth floor of 225 Park Hill Avenue. After he had come face to face with them, he fled. Two officers pursued him, and he tossed another Smith & Wesson revolver, this one a.38 caliber.



Sun God is ghostface killah’s son