Preview for the Holiday Thriller Santastein

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The official Santastein trailer for the upcoming Christmas horror flick from Imaginex Movies has been revealed. Santastein will be in theaters this December. The movie still does not have a release date connected to it at this time.

Preview for the Holiday Thriller Santastein

In the film, a young man is shown attempting to make up for the tragic error he committed when he was younger, which involved unintentionally causing Santa Claus’s death. As he works to bring Santa Claus back to life, he learns that Santa has evolved into a mindless monster in that time.

Santastein Trailer

Benjamin Edelman and Manuel Camilion are responsible for the writing and direction of Santastein. Anwar Nass plays Santastein in the movie, and Jared Korotkin, Corrine Batsides, Lindsey Simon, Santi Massa, Heather Fisch, and Karim Ismail also play roles.

According to the narrative, “Max Causey (Jared Korotkin) was only six years old when he accidently burned Santa to a crisp on Christmas Eve.” Jared Korotkin plays Max Causey in the film.

After 12 years have passed, Max makes it his mission to bring Santa back from the dead so he can atone for his previous transgressions and revive the Christmas spirit. But he quickly understands that the thing he has created is a ruthless killer and is headed directly for the Christmas party that his friend is throwing.

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