SABA Lyrics: Stop That Lyrics
Here is complete lyrics to "Stop That Lyrics"

SABA Lyrics: Stop That Lyrics: Here is complete lyrics to “Stop That Lyrics” from the new album made by SABA, titled; Few Good Things” – “Stop That”

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Today some feelings are leavin’
Couldn’t help but feelin’ mistreated
They sleep on my shit and then tell me to drop
I don’t see the reason

My missus run shit like a chief, together we gettin’ mischievous
The bottom is way lonelier than the top, but these niggas ain’t seen it
Stop that, stop it please
You more concerned what others earn that says a lot to me
I turned a million down a million times, that’s not a lot to me

The game is changin’, I do the best that I can to attain it
If we gotta gamble, I bet on myself, all that other shit dangerous
I just made a way for myself from out west and my grandmama basement
So I think you hoe niggas should bow in the presence of greatness
Let’s go

Woah (Woah), woah (Woah), woah (Woah)
Woah (Woah), woah (Woah), woah (Woah)
Woah (Woah), woah (Woah), woah (Woah)
Stop that, stop it please
Stop that, stop it please

We talking ’bout generational wealth
The pressure I built for myself
For all of the people who pics on my grandmama shelf
Who heard her say “Give me the belt”
I would imagine one day, call it manifestation, a man would get taken away

We wasn’t plannin’ vacation, like internet bandwidth was laggin’
This feel like it’s back in day
Shit is all ours like a captain would say
Treasure map is a trap and this rap is a raft
‘Til you back on the ave, it’s a matter a fact
That you gotta protect your neck like a giraffe

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While the calendar countin’ the days
The days only count if it’s cash
When you hit the mattress imagine a mansion
I feel like I’m a mad man amassed in the vein livin’
I’m pretendin’ I’m thankful at Thanksgiving
I just bought a chain you can’t change niggas

I see all my potential in pain dealin’
With the weight of success and it taste bitter
Sweet I mean, you far from your kin
You not one of them to them to dim
You’re light and get grim like a gremlin
It is what it is, until feelings switch and then it’s

Woah (Ayy), woah (Ayy), woah (Ayy)
Woah (Ayy), woah (Ayy), woah (Ayy)
Woah (Ayy), woah (Ayy), woah (Ayy)
Stop that, stop it please, stop that, stop it please

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