The Game DeadCraft: Review

Deadcraft: I was well aware of the similarities between Deadcraft and Rune Factory 5 while I was writing this review.

Since both of these games were made by the same company, Marvelous, many of the similarities between them are not by chance. Since Deadcraft doesn’t have to compete with any sequels from the past, it can try out a lot of different tastes.

Like the Rune Factory games, Deadcraft is a hack-and-slash action role-playing game (RPG) that puts a lot of emphasis on a farming simulation module.

If you’ve ever thought that Harvest Moon should be more like The Road Warrior, but with zombies, you’ll love what’s about to be revealed. Deadcraft is easy to notice right away because it has a little bit of a wild west feel to it.

Even though Deadcraft couldn’t get funding from AAA studios, the game’s idea is so forward-thinking that it is both interesting and hard to stop playing. No one seems to know how they were able to do this. Read any review of Deadcraft to find out this information.


The software was created by Marvelous Inc.

The company that publishes it is called XSEED Games, Marvelous USA.

Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S are the platforms that are being used (reviewed)

Date of Initial Publication: May 19th, 2022

one person playing alone

The price is 24.99 US dollars.

Reid is connected to both the living and the dead. He is a zombie who has had a virus for only half of his life. He wants revenge, but he messed up at the beginning of the story.

Now he’s stuck in the wasteland, trying to figure out how to live while also trying to figure out what happened to him. He also wants to get even, but at the beginning of the story, he messed up.

The pros of having human and zombie parents far outweigh the cons of having a hybrid background.

When a man is so hungry and thirsty that he can’t stand it, he has no choice but to eat the flesh and blood of dead zombies. You can even grow zombie-hybrid fruits and vegetables by using the rotting body parts as fertilizer.

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It costs something to eat food made by the dead and drink the blood of zombies. If Reid keeps eating spoiled food, his zombie level will keep going up, which means that his attacks will get stronger.

Reid will become a stronger zombie as a result. He can only get better if he eats and drinks normally or if he uses one of his zombie special attacks that eats up some of the virus. He has no other choice but to do that.

Reid’s survival metrics are not the only part of the Deadcraft experience. Reid has no choice but to scavenge for the things his growing farm needs and carefully manage the resources he already has in order to stay alive.

By putting simple requests on the bulletin board, progress can be made quickly and without much trouble.

For example, he can build or improve many different kinds of buildings, like storage sheds, iron-maiden filtering systems that turn sludge into drinkable water, and other types of purification systems.

The player can’t move the story forward as much as they’d like because the developers have put limits on how the player can move the story along.

In this type of game, the players can choose their own goals and find new ways to explore. This style of game encourages players to be in charge of their own lives.

It can be frustrating to find out that you have to do certain things before you can make a more powerful electric guitar or zombie turret. This is because you have to do these things to meet certain story requirements.

Wastelanders who have worked with zombies before will also be able to use Deadcraft’s crafting system, which has both traditional crafting and zombie crafting in addition to the regular crafting.

The product, on the other hand, is shown in a way that is both interesting and unique, which helps promote it better.

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When you watch short videos of Reid farming, you’ll see that he often does the silliest things to get the job done.

Even though the pictures are supposed to be funny, they are broken up by a zombie hand that has been cut off and is giving a thumbs up. He buries the bodies like a serial killer.

From how it looks, Deadcraft looks like an independent Unreal Engine 4 game made for the Nintendo Switch. Because of how it looks, Deadcraft has the feel of a subversive punk manga from the 1990s, which is not something you see very often these days.

Manga-style elements like dot-tone textures and lots of deep black shading have been used a lot to draw attention to the sharp edges. You could almost fool yourself into thinking it’s a No More Heroes game if you tried really hard.

Deadcraft gets a lot of ideas from punk rock, and the band’s music style reflects this punk influence.

Electric guitars are often used as sound cues and recurring themes because they have a strong sound that can be described as harsh. At times, it seems like the game is yelling at the player and making it hard for them to move forward.

It’s only used in important moments and sounds like it came from a PlayStation 2 game that came out around the same time. This is not a bad thing about Deadcraft. On the contrary, it fits perfectly with the game’s goal of being bloody and gross.

It’s too bad that the level of difficulty in Deadcraft doesn’t match up with the game’s mood. Due to the abundance of some resources, it is not hard at all to become filthy and disgustingly rich, and it would be easy to buy up all of the stock in the town for a week.

Sludge is a common substance that can be used as a valuable resource. You will be able to get a lot of it for free everywhere you go, including at your home base.

This dirty water can be sold to merchants in towns over and over again, and the money made from doing so can be used to buy all of the materials in a shop.

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Sludge is one of the many things that can be easily thrown into merchant stores because it is easy to get. Sludge is just one of many materials that are easy to get.

When simple fetch missions for optional side missions are added, there will never be a time when players have to struggle. Deadcraft’s post-apocalyptic setting would have gone better with a game that was more punishing or hard to play.

Reid is able to put together an army of zombies that can’t be defeated. This means that many of the fights in the game that involve hordes of zombies or wastelander thugs will be easy for Reid to win.

There is a craftable item for almost any situation, thanks to the insane number of customization options and the army of weaponized undead in Deadcraft.

There are many different kinds of barriers, mines, guns, and explosives that can be used. There are also unique zombie attacks that can be improved to make Reid an undead god of death, but these aren’t even mentioned here.

Even though the game can be finished in a short amount of time, it is still fun to play because of how satisfying it is to farm and harvest.

The Xbox Series S was able to keep the frame rate at 60 frames per second no matter how many enemies were in the game (fps). This was a great accomplishment. Even after being used for more than thirty hours, the program never crashed or showed a bug.

Rune Factory has cutesy character designs and pastel colors, so people who want a game with more of a punk nihilism theme might be disappointed.

Even though Deadcraft doesn’t look as good as a blockbuster movie, it will still keep gamers interested. This is because Deadcraft tells its story in a unique and unusual way.


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