Repeater Trailer Previews Hitman Thriller

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13stream is thrilled to present the world premiere of the trailer for the upcoming action thriller Repeater, produced by Saban Films. R. Ellis Frazier is the movie’s director, which was released in theaters on December 9 and will be available on demand and digitally on December 13.

The screenplay for the movie was written by Frazier and Benjamin Budd together. In addition to Corbin Bernsen and Gary Daniels, the cast includes Paul Sidhu, Kristanna Loken, and Nick Moran.

The synopsis states that “a hired hitman is in the crosshairs as competing contract killers start gunning for him,” which is exactly what happens in the movie. “The contract killer Smith has a simple mission: hunt down his target and eliminate him.”

However, rival assassins have him in their sights as they track and target one another and aim for their most recent assignment. This hacker threatens to expose the malicious criminality of a conglomerate head.

Have a look at the trailer for Repeater down below:

Repeater Trailer

Repeater, produced by Robert Beaumont and received an R rating for strong language and violent content, the total time it takes to complete is 106 minutes.

Repeater Trailer Previews Hitman Thriller

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