Pentiment: How to solve the Volvelle puzzle

Pentiment: How to Put the Pieces of the Volvelle Puzzle Together

Do you need help figuring out how to complete the Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment? The puzzle involving the volvelle is one of the few in the game that requires numerous steps and has branching paths that can be skipped.

If you are successful in solving this problem, you will be rewarded with two separate awards, more dialogue check possibilities, and evidence that can be used to convict one of the murder suspects.

Everything you require to solve the volvelle problem is provided here for your convenience.

How to Solve the Puzzle Presented by the Vovelle in Pentiment

There are a few different approaches one might use in order to solve the Vovelle Puzzle. Your decisions inside the game, such as which setting you select for the action to take place in, will influence each result.

You can skip some of these steps, but you have to finish everything by the time Act 1 begins since it contains evidence that could point to one of the people who committed the crime.

I will explain to you how to solve this puzzle in every conceivable method, giving you the ability to do so regardless of the paths you choose.

Explore the depths of the cellar.

The game begins with you entering the abbey for the first time, at which point you will have immediate access to the cellar.

You will locate the door to the cellar next to Father Mathieu if you go to the Church and look for it there.

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After entering, you should immediately turn to the right and continue until you reach a statue of a young woman holding a baby.

Investigate the statue by using the icon provided in the toolbar. Your mouse cursor needs to be moved so that it comes into contact with the key that the infant is grasping.

When you have successfully tapped the correct area, the cursor will turn red. After sliding into the wall, the statue will disappear, exposing a hidden door leading into the library. There is nothing else that can be done for the time being concerning this entrance.


The second thing you need to do is locate the volvelle. Before you enter the scriptorium, you should first visit the Prior House in Old Bailey and examine the spherical object that has four colors and the constellations drawn on it.

For the time being, that is the only thing you can do with it. Proceed in the direction of the scriptorium at this time.

The Book of Prior Ferenc

Following the conversation with the other monks, Prior Ference will enter the chamber and hastily write something in a book.

Before you can begin your investigation, you will first need to provide a hand to Illuminata in their book collection efforts.

After doing an investigation into the book, you will discover the key to the cipher that has been written down. You should make your way back to the volvelle.

How the Pieces of the Puzzle Will Come Together Based on the Decisions You Make
You would be able to jump ahead to the following section if you took the Heavens and Earth background information since you would be able to complete the puzzle without needing to take any extra steps.

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In any other case, you will need to either speak with Werner or find a way to enter the Library while it is closed.

Talk to Werner about it.

Werner, who lives in North Town, is someone you could chat to about this. He will walk you through the process of identifying constellations and give you the final piece of information needed to decipher the cipher.

Steal a Look Inside the Library.

On the second night, just before turning in for the night, you will have the opportunity to sneak into the Library through the hidden entrance in the cellar.

On the second floor of the Library, there is a book that is displayed on a platform. This book will not only supply the missing piece of the puzzle but will also explain how constellations function.

Let’s Solve it!

You are now able to solve the puzzle with the volvelle now that you have the key. To begin, you will need to rotate the wheel until the color that corresponds with the inverted triangle is in the correct position.

After that, you will need to discover the proper letter by matching the color’s symbol. Repeat this process for each of the four colors until you get the word shown in the upper photo.

After you have solved the volvelle, there is nothing else left for you to accomplish in relation to this puzzle.

Because of this, you are deserving of every accomplishment that could ever be given. Nevertheless, the hint that it leads to is essential for completing other parts of the game.

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What Should I Do Now?

Following the volvelle will bring you to the grave of Brother Gerhard in the cemetery of the abbey. If you want to explore a certain character later on in the game, this information will be crucial.

If you decide to go in this direction, I have a piece of advice for you: If you want to move this line of clues forward, you need to return the next day and inspect the grave once again.

Pentiment can now be purchased for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and personal computers.


Pentiment: How to solve the Volvelle puzzle

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