Partners in Rhyme Season 2 Finale Teaser: An Exclusive Clip

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13stream is delighted to premiere an exclusive clip from this week’s episode of MC Lyte’s renowned comedy-rap sitcom series, Partners in Rhyme. Today, AllBlk will air the season premiere of the finale of the comedy series Partners in Rhyme.

“After Season 1, fans were in suspense as Luscious T (Precious Way, ABC’s Queens) was confronted with a significant decision… “She must decide whether to stay in Los Angeles with her aunt, Lana Crawford (MC Lyte), or go back home to live with her mother, Shay (Tammi Mac, Games People Play”), the synopsis for Season 2 states. “The second season picks up in the aftermath, which results in profound personal turns for all of the character’s relationships, as they are put to the test.” Mekhi (Ron G., Insecure, Key & Peele) concludes that he cannot continue to coast along on his sister Lana’s success indefinitely and makes an effort to refocus his ambitions.

Partners in Rhyme Season 2 Finale Teaser: An Exclusive Clip

The ups and downs that continue to occur in Lana and Boston’s (Wesley Jonathan, Monogamy) relationship cause one to wonder where exactly they stand as a couple. Hazel Wilson, a high-powered label executive played by Rolonda Watts, is back with more shocking revelations. Will she be able to encourage Lana to start a new chapter now that the record label’s “cash cow” is uncertain?

Check out the following for an exclusive look at the season two conclusion of Partners in Rhyme:

Partners in Rhyme Trailer

Rolonda Watts, MC Lyte, Precious Way, Tammi Mac, Ron G., and Wesley Jonathan are some of the actors who appear in Partners in Rhyme. Today, the conclusion of Partners in Rhyme’s second season will be broadcast for the first time on AllBlk.

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