Ouija Shark 2

A brand new official trailer for the hilarious shark sequel Ouija Shark 2 has been released by Wild Eye Releasing. The trailer showcases the game.

John Migliore, who also played the lead role in the show and served as its director, writer, and actor, said in 2021 that “the universe of Ouija Shark is steeped in both fiction and the occult, making practically anything imaginable.” I am looking forward to presenting more than a few unexpected twists and turns.” There is not yet a scheduled release date for the movie.

According to the movie’s official summary, “Ouija Shark returns more powerful than ever before.” “In order for Anthony to face the demon and get back to his family, he will need to employ his occult training to fight his way through hell,”

Below is the official trailer for the second installment of Ouija Shark 2:

Ouija Shark 2 Trailer

John Migliore is not only the writer and director of Ouija Shark 2, but he also stars in the movie alongside Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith, Kylie Gough, Simon Wheeldon, and Lena Montecalvo. Ouija Shark 2 was written by John Migliore.

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