Oso Oso Sore Thumb: Weeks after sharing the single “Pensacola”, Jade Lilitri has surprisingly launched a new bear Bear album: sore thumb is available now through Triple Crown. Listen to the 2019 follow-up enjoying the glow below.

engraved lillitri sore thumb over the course of a month with his late cousin Tavish Maloney at Billy Mannino’s Two Worlds Recording Studio in Queens, New York. (Mannino designed, blended and produced Oso Oso’s Yunahon’s mixtape.) Maloney passed away less than a month after recording, and Lilitri decided to keep most of the songs intact, plus have Mike Sapone mix the album.

“The creation of this record is now a memory of a time that I hold closer to my heart than anything else,” Lilitri said in a press release. “Regardless of how I feel about these songs for years to come, I’m very happy this exists. Thanks for your attention. Be decent.

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