Another by Muni Long

Another by Muni Long Mp3 Song

Muni Long – Another, the award-winning and multi-talented pro music artist, delights his fans with the release of his new song, “Another”, which has been much anticipated. His admirers are overjoyed by his new release.

He released this song not long ago, and it has since gone viral on social media, becoming one of the new and latest music to enjoy at this period.

Believe me when I say that you will not want to miss such a possibility from “Muni Long”. To stream the song Another by Muni Long, Just click on the play button to listen to the song and below you is the direct Mp3 download Link to listen offline.


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As he continues his adventure, he took a walk in the public eye, accompanied by a new and magnificent piece of music Another

Muni Long – Another Lyrics

What one nigga won’t do, another nigga gon’ do
I’m putting you on notice
Another nigga done bought me roses

[Verse 1]
You wasn’t focused, so focus
I was with you through whatever but we gotta elevate
You should want better, I love you, don’t always mean forever
Don’t you know I’m pressure, baby?
These other niggas want you out the picture
They want me, ready to commit to all my needs
I wanna stick it out with you
I’m gonna break it down for you
I hope you listening
Ain’t gon’ say it again

[Verse 2]
This is what I want
I just want more love
I want you to kiss on me and touch on me and rub
I want trips around the world
Going somewhere every weekend
‘Cause I love the time that we spend together
Tired of dropping hints
Shit don’t make no sense
I’m telling you
Another nigga gon’ do whatever I want him to

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What one nigga won’t do, another nigga gon’ do
I’m putting you on notice
Another nigga done bought me roses

[Verse 3]
I’m telling you they want me
While you out here playing, they ain’t playing, don’t you see?
They wanna give me money, Richard Mille, Patek Phillipe
Trips overseas
One after another
Don’t wanna fall for another
Don’t wanna tell you another
Don’t wanna argue another
Don’t wanna cry for another
No, ooh-woah, no, no, no
Go try that shit with another
Nigga, don’t call me another

Ain’t gon’ answer my phone ’cause I already know
Gon’ give me another excuse for why you can’t do what I need you to do
Ooh, another
Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh
Yeah, ee-ee, yeah, ayy
Yee-hee, ee-ee

This piece of song is unique and that is what makes this song so remarkable, and it will have you hooked under no time at all. If you are a true music enthusiast, then this amazing melody should unquestionably be included in your music library.

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