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Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (Latest Movie, Released Date, and Trailer)

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A struggling single mother (Kate Hudson) sees a potential opportunity to make some quick cash when she befriends a strange mental facility escapee (Jun Jong Seo) with supernatural skills. The possibility presents itself when the two become friends. But when they get the notice of a detective, played by Craig Robinson, their run of good luck begins to run out just as the authorities begin to shut in on their binge of criminal activity.

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon Trailer

  • Rating: R (Language Throughout|Some Violence|Sexual Material)
  • Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Sci-Fi
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Ana Lily Amirpour
  • Producer: John Lesher, Adam Mirels, Robert Mirels, Dylan Weathered
  • Writer: Ana Lily Amirpour
  • Release Date (Theaters): Sep 30, 2022, Limited
  • Release Date (Streaming): Sep 30, 2022
  • Runtime: 1h 47m
  • Distributor: Saban Films
  • Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.35:1)

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