Missing: Preview of a Japanese Crime Drama

Missing is a new Japanese crime drama directed by Shinzô Katayama, and we at 13stream can’t wait to share this exclusive clip with you. The movie is now playing in select theaters before making its VOD and Blu-ray debuts on November 18 and December 6, respectively.

After his wife dies and he accumulates debt, Santoshi (Jiro Sato) tells his daughter that he has finally found a way out of his predicament. He claims to have seen the serial murderer “No Name” (Hiroya Shimizu) in person just a few days prior and, pointing to a reward note, promises to track him down and collect the money.

As portrayed by Aoi Ito, Kaeda has difficulty taking her distant father seriously. When he vanishes without a trace, though, she begins to worry and knows she must start hunting for him.

You can watch a special scene from Missing right here:

Missing Trailer

Shinzô Katayama is responsible for co-writing as well as directing the film Missing. Kazuhisa Kotera and Ryô Takada also contributed to the film’s writing. Aoi Ito, Hiroya Shimizu, Misato Morita, and Jirô Satô are the actors who appear in it.

The movie can be seen in certain theaters right now, and it will debut on video-on-demand services on November 18 and Blu-ray on December 6 after it moves into limited release in theaters.

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