Mia Kim - Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Australia, Height

Everything About Mia Kim, Who is Mia Kim? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Australia, Height

Mia Kim is a social media personality, cheerleader, and athlete from Queensland, Australia. She is also an Instagram model. She became well-known because to the widely used social media application Instagram.

This piece was carefully produced based on our research, and it contains all of the information you require to know about Australia’s Mia Kim, including her age, Instagram account, height, wiki page, biography, boyfriend, family, and net worth, as well as photos and more.


Mia Kim Age (Australia)

What exactly is Mia Kim’s age? Mia Kim was born on the 27th of March 2003 in Queensland, Australia, into a Christian family. She is currently 19 years old. Cheerleading and Instagram modeling have brought her a lot of attention recently.

A Few Fast Facts About Mia Kim

Full/Real Name Mia Kim

Nick Name Mia

Cheerleader by trade and an Instagram model for a living

The 27th of March is your birthday.

Date of Birth (Date of Birth Code): March 27th, 2003

19 years old as of now

Gender Female

Originating in the Australian state of Queensland

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is their hometown, and they currently reside there.

Both Australian and South African in nationality

Religion; Christian

English is the Known Language

Hobbies Modeling, photoshoots, and other related activities


Height, Weight, Education, Career, and Other Facts Regarding Mia Kim

Mia Kim has a weight of 45 kilograms and a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Her complexion is fair, her eyes are black, and her hair is also black. She has a slim build. It’s easy to see why people are drawn to her.

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The Australian state of Queensland is where Mia Kim was born, and it is also where she received her schooling and graduated. She has already accomplished a great deal despite her tender years. Her stunning appearance, exquisite taste in clothing, and sizzling good looks win her fans from all over the world.

Mia Kim - Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Australia, Height
Mia Kim – Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Australia, Height

Mia Kim spent her childhood in the Australian state of Queensland. Since she was a young girl, she has had the ambition of becoming a famous cheerleader. Along similar lines, her parents signed her up to be a member of a cheerleading club that has a stellar reputation. It was at that cheerleading club where she first became interested in learning how to cheerlead.

As of this moment, she has participated in a variety of well-known events as a cheerleader. In point of fact, Mia Kim has the title of National Cheerleading Champion!

However, in December of 2017, she made the decision to start a new journey by uploading her material on the social media app Instagram. This decision ultimately provided her with the distinction that she was looking for in her career. She was taken aback when she discovered that she had amassed more than 200,000 followers on Instagram in just two years.

Her Instagram followers appreciate her work and general high quality. At this time, she is quite perhaps the most well-known Cheer leader all throughout Australia. Australia is a huge country.

As a result of her growing fame, she is now being courted by well-known companies in the hope of receiving sponsorships and advertisements for the things they sell; these endeavors contribute to Mia Kim’s six-figure income.

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SCI stands for the School Cheerleading Institute.

Qualifications in Education and Training as a Cheerleader

Cheerleading as a Profession and an Instagram Model

Debut Instagram (December 2017)

Active Years: 2017 to the Present

Cheerleader of the Year Award(s) National Champion(s)


Mia Kim Boyfriend

The current state of Mia Kim’s romantic relationships is unclear.

Currently Unknown Relationship Status

Status in Relationships: Single

Husband N/A

Fun and Interesting Facts About Mia Kim’s Instagram!

Mia has more than 300 thousand people following her on Instagram!

Tennis is one of her favorite sports to play.

Additionally, she enjoys going surfing.

Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Hokey Pokey are her two go-to flavors when it comes to ice cream.

She is an ambassador for a brand of hippie clothing.

The beach is her most beloved location.

She enjoys spending time away from home with her family.

Her Favorite Actor is Angelina Jolie.


Mia Kim Family

Mia Kim is the youngest of three children, her parents also having two older brothers. There has been no disclosure made regarding their names.

Unknown Mention of Father’s Name

The Mother’s Name Has Not Been Revealed

Siblings 2 elder brothers

Child Unrevealed


Mia Kim’s estimated net worth in 2022

According to the findings of research, Mia Kim has a net worth of $300,000. Her annual income or salary is approximately fifteen thousand dollars. Cheerleading jobs, sponsorship deals through Instagram, and other commercial partnerships are the primary sources of money.

Profit after tax of $300 000


Income 15K Dollars

Cheerleading, Instagram, and other online activities are sources of income.

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Address to Write To

The information that you need to contact Mia Kim is included below for your convenience. The exchange of such sensitive information via the internet is considered to be upsetting, hence mobile phone numbers are kept private. On the other hand, there are alternative ways to get in touch with a celebrity, such as their email address or through social media platforms like Instagram, for example.



Address of electronic communication: miakim7@outlook.com

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is the location of the homeowner’s living address.

Mobile Phone Number (short Form) (Private Number)

Social Media


Instagram @ mia.kim

Twitter @miakimofficial

Facebook @Mia-Kim-Official

Tik Tok N/A

Wikipedia Does Not Have Enough Notoriety!





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