The Colombian Drama,

The Colombian drama Memories of My Father, written by David Trueba and directed by Fernando Trueba, is based on the novel El Olvido que Seremos, which Hector Abad Faciolince wrote.

13stream is thrilled to premiere an exclusive clip from the film, and we hope you like it. New York and Miami had the film’s premieres on November 18, and the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are scheduled to get their copies on November 25.

The Colombian Drama, "Memories of My Father," Offers an Exclusive Clip from the Film

According to the film’s summary, “This film is based on the eponymous book Oblivion: A Memoir and tells the story of a good man named Héctor Abad Gómez, a distinguished doctor and human rights activist in the divisive and violent Medelln of the 1970s.”

“The story talks of the doctor’s life, a father who is worried about his children and children from less favored backgrounds,” the author writes in the novel’s preface.

The house serves as the location, and within it is permeated with the creative and vitality-filled air typical of a liberal arts education founded on tolerance and compassion. There is no indication that one of his daughters will succumb to the awful disease plaguing the family.

Hector will be driven by grief and wrath at the death of an outstanding individual. As a result, he will devote his entire being to the cause of enlightening an intolerant society, which will not only refuse to listen to him but also try to silence him through persecution.

This is an intimate story that we experience through the eyes of a father’s only son, Héctor Abad Faciolince, one of the most brilliant writers in contemporary Colombia.

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Take a look at the exclusive footage from Memories of My Father that we have included below:

Memories of My Father Trailer

Memories of My Father stars Javier Cámara, Nicolás Reyes Cano, Juan Pablo Urrego, Patricia Tamayo, Maria Tereza Barreto, and Laura Londoño.