First Look of M3GAN Teases Killer Doll's Mayhem

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Universal Pictures has published a fresh first look at the film’s titular character, M3GAN, which explores some of the murderous sprees carried out by the killer doll before the film’s forthcoming release.

The most recent M3GAN sneak peek includes interviews with members of the film’s actors, including James Wan, who also contributed to the screenplay for the movie.

The first look also contains some new scenes from the film, which reveal more of exactly how frightening M3GAN can be while also including director Gerard Johnstone’s explanation of what makes something like M3GAN so terrifying.

You are welcome to have a look at the first glimpse of M3GAN below:

M3GAN Trailer

Gerard Johnstone (Housebound), who directed M3GAN, adapted Akela Cooper’s (Malignant, The Nun 2) script, which was, in turn, based on a narrative written by Akela Cooper and James Wan. Johnstone directed the film. Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Lori Dungey, and Stephane Garneau-Monten are starring in the movie along with Stephane Garneau-Monten.

The summary states, “M3GAN is a miracle of artificial intelligence, a lifelike doll built to be a child’s greatest companion and a parent’s greatest ally.” This statement is made in the context of the doll.

Designed by the genius roboticist Gemma at the toy firm, M3GAN is capable of listening, watching, and learning as she becomes a friend and teacher and a playmate and guardian for the child to whom she is attached.

Gemma is uncertain and unprepared to become a parent when she is suddenly thrust into the caretaker role of her orphaned niece Cady, who is 8 years old and played by Violet McGraw in The Haunting of Hill House. Gemma, under a great deal of strain at work, decides to combine her M3GAN prototype with Cady to find a solution to both of their issues. This is a choice that will have unthinkable repercussions.

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Wan and Jason Blum are the two producers of the movie. Williams, Mark Katchur, Ryan Turek, Michael Clear, Judson Scott, Adam Hendricks, and Greg Gilreath are the producers in charge of the show’s executive producer.