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Listen to Few Good Things: Saba's New Album "Few Good Things"

Listen to Few Good Things: Saba’s New Album “Few Good Things”: Listen to Saba’s New Album ‘Few Good Things,’ which features G Herbo, 6lack, Smino, Black Thought, and other notable artists, below.

Saba has released his highly awaited latest album Few Good Things, which was widely anticipated.

Saba New Album “Few Good Things” – Official Trailer

There are previously released singles on the project, including “Survivor’s Guilt” with G Herbo, “Come My Way” with Krayzie Bone, “Stop That,” and “Fearmonger” with Daoud, all of which appear on the album. With appearances by 6lack and Smino on the track “Still,” Black Thought and Eryn Allen Kane on the title track, and Pivot Gang on the track “Soldier,” the album is completed.

On February 10 at 9 p.m. ET, the Chicago rapper will also release a short film titled Few Good Things: The Short Film on his YouTube channel. It was directed by C.T. Robert, who also shot the album’s cover art, and premiered this week at a screening in Los Angeles, where Saba and Robert spoke with Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins about their experiences making the film. Take a look at the trailer above.

Listen below to “Few Good Things” Saba’s New Album

After searching for external fulfillment, Saba came to realize that “Few Good Things” was the realization of one’s own self. What matters is the happiness and wholeness that comes from simply living a life that is uniquely yours.”

Despite the fact that few is a small number, few is not lonely. In the face of all adversity, one of the few positive aspects is the ability to recognize and embrace favors. The only way to count them is one by one: an empty glass is full of air, an empty bank is full of lessons, and an empty heart is full of memories.

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Few is to count them one by one: an empty glass is full of air, an empty bank is full of lessons, and an empty heart is full of memories. Few things are as rewarding as learning to be comfortable with being empty and, despite this, discovering your fullness.”

Earlier this week, the Pivot Gang member wrote a letter to his fans and followers in which he explained that, while his work serves as an outlet for the trauma and grief he and his people have experienced, it also encompasses the full spectrum of emotions.

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Saba will begin traveling on March 1 in Dublin, Ireland, and will arrive in the United States on April 11 for a gig in Phoenix, Arizona, before wrapping up the tour on May 21 in Los Angeles, California. You can view the complete schedule and purchase tickets here.

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