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Koffee “Shine” Lyrics 

Sun’s out, issa siren
Gun violence tiring
Rise up, issa crime scene
Dem ah try clean like hygiene
I wanna go chase my dream
But Babylon vampiring
Have dem eyes pon my brother life
Ah that’s why dem stay conspiring

Unless at my concert, nuh want see no hands up
Yeah, no red shirt, nuh want see no handcuff
Let’s just stay alive, yeah
Youths haffi find a way fi put the 9 away, ayy
Peace and love finally
I’ve got to shine, you’ve got to shine like

Doop doop da dum
Doop doop da da da da
Mmm, mmm yeah
Uh, uh yeah

Oh Lord, have mercy, shine your light pon me, yeah
Guide me, show me ah what my eyes can’t see


Me nuh give you no pill ah nuh pharmacy
Dem nuh give we no pillow, no rest
Never rest, me nuh chill, me go hard, you see
Why dem want put Koffee to the test?
From me born, mommy know say me blessed
Put a cross pon me necklace
When me walk, me nuh restless
Thank the Lord me protected

Melodies my remedies
Can’t do, ayy, felonies
Bad energies don’t look good pon you, ayy
Telling these, my fellow g’s
All enemies dem too
Just believe and you’ll achieve whatever you want do

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Thankful fi rise today, ayy
Life just reminded me, mmm
We’re diamonds, we shine away
Precious, defined
Just take your time

Doop doop da dum
Doop doop da da da da
Mmm, mmm yeah
Uh, uh yeah

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