Kaleidoscope Offers a Sneak Peek at the Non-Linear Storytelling of the Heist Series

A behind-the-scenes film for the upcoming anthology heist drama Kaleidoscope, which will be released on Netflix, has been made available. The drama will star Giancarlo Esposito as the protagonist of the series. Beginning on January 1, it will be accessible to stream online.

Kaleidoscope Offers a Sneak Peek at the Non-Linear Storytelling of the Heist Series

The Kaleidoscope video shows the non-linear technique that the show takes to telling its stories, which promises viewers a one-of-a-kind streaming experience when they watch it.

The film also includes commentary from the show’s writers and cast, exploring the process of crafting the show’s intricate and cutting-edge tale, in which viewers will enter the crime at different times during its progression.

The plot follows “a crew of expert thieves and their endeavor to open a supposedly impregnable vault for the highest payoff in history,” according to the synopsis. This drama takes place for 25 years.

Every episode uncovers a piece of a complicated puzzle of corruption, greed, vengeance, scheming, loyalties, and betrayals. It is guarded by the world’s most powerful corporate security team, and law enforcement is on the case. How did the gang of criminals come up with their plan? Who has the upper hand here? Who should we put our faith in?

Watch the Kaleidoscope featurette that we have embedded below:

Kaleidoscope Trailer

The tale is told in a non-linear fashion throughout the series, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere of intrigue and tension for each Netflix member to experience while watching the show in an immersive manner. Some members may begin with particular episodes (such as episodes “Yellow” or “Green”), then progress further into their viewing order with varied episodes (“Blue” or “Violet” or “Orange,” followed by “Red” or “Pink”) until the climatic plot conclusion of “White: The Heist.”

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Giancarlo Esposito plays the role of Leo Pop in the series. Paz Vega plays the role of Ava Mercer, Rufus Sewell plays the role of Roger Salas, Tati Gabrielle plays the role of Hannah Kim, Peter Mark Kendall plays the role of Stan Loomis, Rosaline Elbay plays Judy Goodwin, Jai Courtney plays Bob Goodwin, and Niousha Noor plays Nazan Abassi.

Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, Jordan Sheehan of Scott Free Productions, Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Justin Levy of Automatik Entertainment, and Russell Fine are the executive producers of the film Kaleidoscope. Jose Padilha is responsible for directing the first two episodes of the series.