Is Tommy Chong Dead, Who is his wife, what is his age & net worth

Tommy Chong’s life, including his age, wife, and net worth?

Tommy Chong, whose real name is Thomas B. Kin Chong, is a comedian, musician, actor, writer, and cannabis rights campaigner with a background in both Canada and the United States. Nobody other in the public eye has ever made such a strong case for the decriminalization and widespread availability of marijuana as he did. Even more so, he rose to prominence as a result of the comedic records and films he made with Cheech Marin under the Cheech and Chong moniker.

He was completely devoted to what he thought should be the right of people to own and consume marijuana. He believed that it should be legal. Keep reading to learn more about Tommy Chong’s net worth in 2022, as well as his wife, age, and other details.

A Few Fast Facts

The net worth of Tommy Chong is estimated to be $20 Million.

Gender: Male
Six feet in height (1.85 m)
The 24th of May, 1938 was his birthday.
The current age of Tommy Chong is 84 years old
Actor, musician, comedian, screenwriter, filmmaker, and television producer are just some of the hats I’ve worn in my career.
Tommy Chong’s estimated net worth in the year 2022

Tommy Chong has a wealth of $20 million, according to several sources. His musical career has achieved a great deal of success, and in spite of the challenges he has faced with his health, it appears that he will not need much time to return back to active music once he has regained his full strength.

Is Tommy Chong Dead, Who is his wife, what is his age & net worth
Is Tommy Chong Dead, Who is his wife, what is his age & net worth

Tommy Chong’s Childhood, Including His Age, Parents, and Early Life

How old is Tommy Chong? what’s his age? Tommy Chong was born on May 24, 1938, at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His mother was Lorna Jean, and his father was Stanley Chong. Tommy Chong is currently 84 years old (father). His mother was of Scotch-Irish descent and worked as a waitress, while his father was of Chinese descent and worked as a truck driver.

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Chong and his family settled down in Calgary, Alberta, in a suburb that was known for its conservatism, in a home that Chong’s father had purchased for $500 at the time. According to him, his father was a World War II soldier who had been injured, and there was a veteran hospital in Calgary where he received treatment. As a result, this was a major factor in the family’s decision to relocate. “Dog Patch” was how Tommy Chong referred to the surrounding neighborhood.

Even though he did not have a very high level of education, he did spend some time in school before dropping out of high school when he was just 16 years old. Because he was bored and didn’t have anything particularly important to do, he turned to music and began playing the guitar in order to generate money. And sure, he did end up making some cash! According to him, he was somewhere around the age of 16 when he realized that music could get you laid, even if you were a skinny, long-haired, geeky-looking person like himself. In other words, it didn’t matter.

He persisted in this direction and in 1960 became a member of a soul band from Calgary known as The Shades. In 1963, they opened a nightclub in Vancouver called Blue Balls, and one of his band members, Bobby Taylor, was instrumental in the endeavor. Not only was their music publicized in this setting, but it also resulted in an increase in revenue for the group as a whole. Things turned out rather well for them in this endeavor. As a result of the band’s growing success and notoriety at that point, they decided to incorporate additional musicians into the lineup at one point. However, by 1965 the band had already disbanded.

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Chong is also a well-known actor who has contributed to a number of comedy albums that Cheech and Chong have released. In 1973, he and Cheech Marin were jointly awarded the Grammy for Best Comedy Album for their respective albums. In spite of their joint success, they decided to go their own ways in 1985 due to what were termed “creative disagreements.” Tommy Chong was affected negatively as a result of this, as he did not perform consistently, which was aggravated by the fact that he spent a brief period of time in jail. After a few years had passed, his acting career began to pick up, and he was offered a number of roles. In 2017, he appeared in an episode of the Trailer Park Boys spinoff show, Out of the Park, playing the role of a guest star.


Wife and Children of Tommy Chong

Shelby Chong is Tommy Chong’s wife, and the couple was married in 1975.

Tommy Chong has been divorced once and has been married twice. He has five children from his first marriage. Maxine Sneed, a Canadian woman who was of Black and Cherokee ancestry, became his wife in the year 1960. They gave birth to their first daughter, Rae Dawn, in 1961, and their second daughter, Robbi Chong, in 1965. Despite this, Chong and Sneed divorced each other in 1970 and went their own ways.

In 1975, love brought him and Shelby Fiddis together after they had been apart for five years. They had three children together and got married in the city of Los Angeles. A boy by the name of Paris, who was born in 1974, a second son by the name of Gilbran, who was born in 1981, and a daughter by the name of Precious. In 1978, they decided to adopt Marcus Wyatt.

Three of his children—Rae Dawn Chong, Robbi Chong, Marcus Chong, and Precious Chong—each have their sights set on a future in acting, which is a field in which they excel.

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When did Tommy Chong and his wife get married?

Shelby Chong, who is married to Tommy Chong, was born on February 1, 1948, making her 74 years old.


Is Tommy Chong still alive or has he already passed away?

Tommy Chong is still breathing today. In the 1990s, there was widespread speculation that Chong had passed away from cancer. However, there was no authority source that might provide credibility to the assertion, which was more of a rumor at this point. It became less noticeable as time went on.

Tommy Chong went public with his diagnosis of prostate cancer in June of 2012, on the exact ninth of that month. He described his form of the disease as a slow-moving stage one that he had had for a significant amount of time. According to him, he was able to treat this condition and remain drug-free for up to three years, but ultimately, the prostrate cancer returned despite his best efforts.

2015 brought some encouraging news from him in the form of an announcement made via his Twitter handle, in which he stated that the hemp oil treatment he had been utilizing to treat his disease was successful. This win did not last very long due to the fact that he was soon diagnosed with colon cancer and was heavily dependent on cannabis in order to go through the treatment. It is believed he is still treating it.




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