The First Trailer for Grounded, a Superhero Show Like No Other

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13stream is the first streaming service to release an exclusive trailer for the zany superhero comedy series Grounded, produced by Redbird Entertainment and Firestorm VFX. The series is currently available to stream on Tubi TV.

The show’s premise states, “After the breakout of a global pandemic, the world’s most powerful superhero finds himself trapped at home, where he couldn’t possibly be more useless.”

When word gets out about his secret identity as a therapist, he finds his purpose restored when dozens of similarly cooped-up costumed heroes with serious psychological issues turn to him as they confess their deepest fears, foibles, and fetishes to the only man they know will understand their pain.

Take a look at the brand new trailer for Grounded down below:

Grounded Trailer

Carl Reid and Enrico Natale are responsible for the creation of Grounded. Enrico Natale, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Kaley McCormack, Nick Cardiff, Jeff Blum, Tasie Lawrence, Victor Salvatore, Jared Winkler, and Cher Natale are some of the actors who appear in it. The series is currently available to stream on Tubi TV.

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