Gotham Knights Powers Club Mechanism Instructions

Gotham Knights: Instructions on How to Engage the Mechanism Located in the Powers Club

In Gotham Knights, more and more secrets are being revealed, but in order for players to go forward in the narrative, they need to work through some difficult riddles.

In Gotham Knights, there are certain puzzles that are not too difficult to solve, but there are also some riddles, like finding the bugs in the Iceberg Lounge, that demand more thought.

To complete one of these challenges, you will need to activate the mechanism that is located in the Powers Club. It’s possible that you’ll end up going in a complete circle if you don’t know how to follow the wires.

In the event that you failed to discover the shattered lamp that was attached to one of the columns, this is your ultimate objective, also known as what needs to be activated.

Gotham Knights: In the Powers Club, where do the cables and wires lead?

Once you have eliminated the first two security guards at the Powers Club, you should search the ground for a blood trail.

If you look carefully once again at the floor, you’ll find a Hidden Mechanism that, when activated, will expose two sets of cables that extend into the following chamber.

The things that need to have their functionality activated are a bust sculpture and a large book, and they are located on opposite sides of the following room.

As soon as you enter the subsequent region, you are to eliminate all of the security personnel. It makes no difference whether you go about it calmly or angrily; either way is acceptable.

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After you’ve dealt with the security personnel, look around you and take in your surroundings. You’ll be able to see that this region is split in half when you come here.

We’ll refer to one region as the Right Section for the sake of this tutorial, and we’ll refer to the other portion as the Left Section.

Where Can I Look for the Big Book?

The location of the Large Book within the room can be discovered in the Right Section. To be more specific, the Large Book may be found in the corner of the room that the stairs in the adjacent corridor lead into.

If you despatched a security officer in secret, you might be familiar with this particular area. If you go downstairs and scan your augmented reality device a few times, you should notice that the book is highlighted in a different color.

Instructions on How to Locate the Bust Sculpture

The left side of the room has the Bust Sculpture that you are looking for. To be more specific, it is located in the area close to the piano. Look all around until you find what you’re looking for. After that, engage in conversation with the bust sculpture.

Note: Before you leave this room, make sure you check out the hidden defense that is located above the piano.

You can access the attic by using the grappling hook, where you will find a chest containing various materials for crafting, a voice recording, and a letter addressed to a known member of the family…

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After dealing with both artifacts, return to the original area where you took down the two security guards. You are now able to turn on the dormant lamp that is mounted on the wall.

The floor will open up once the mechanism has been activated, revealing a spiral staircase that leads to another tough problem known as the Owl Pieces puzzle. In this puzzle, you must arrange statues into the appropriate position.

You can play Gotham Knights on your PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, or on your personal computer.


Gotham Knights: Powers Club Mechanism Instructions

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