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Accessibility options for God of War: Ragnarok have been disclosed.

God of war ragnarok: The developers at Santa Monica Studio highlight a sample of the game’s more than 60 different accessibility choices tailored to meet the requirements of individual players.

We are thrilled to reveal several new accessibility features that will be accessible in God of War Ragnarok. The prophecy of Ragnarok brings changes to all of the Realms, and in conjunction with that, we are announcing these improvements.

We have not only rebuilt controller remapping from the ground up and introduced more adjustability to our combat and interaction systems, but we have also overhauled our user interface to allow for more flexibility and readability.

This is just one of the many changes we have made. All of the accessibility features from God of War 2018 have been carried over, plus we have added more than sixty new methods to customize the gameplay experience so that it caters to your preferences and fulfills your requirements.

The following is a list of some recently added and noteworthy features.

Features Added to God of War Ragnarok for the PC Version of God of War (2018)

We took sure to make improvements to, and continue to iterate on, popular features from the original PlayStation release in God of War (2018) for the PC version of the game.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we will be maintaining support for the following features in God of War Ragnarok on PS4 and PS5:

You will sprint as long as you hold down the control stick, and you will come to a stop as soon as you let off. When Auto Sprint is turned on, all you have to do to start sprinting is hold the forward button on the control stick for a few seconds in the same direction.

You are able to choose the minimum amount of time needed to activate the Auto Sprint feature.

If you require additional focal points to reduce motion sickness or you just want a continual reminder of the center of the screen, we offer the opportunity to turn on a center dot in three different sizes and seven different colors. This feature is known as the Always on Reticle.

You have the option to either hold the aim posture or to turn it on and off with the toggle button.

You have the option to either hold the shield posture or to toggle between using it and not using it when blocking.

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New to the God of War: Ragnarok franchise

Modifications Made to the Captions and Subtitles

Our subtitle and caption system has been the subject of significant investment from our company in order to facilitate even greater levels of customization and information.

Size of Subtitles and Captions: Our minimum text size has been increased, and we have also incorporated new scaling. This involves making the font size significantly larger in order to improve the readability of the subtitles and captions.

We have also devoted a wider text area to conform to the criteria of television and film subtitles.

Colors of Subtitles and Captions: Each of the colors used for the speaker names, subtitle body, and captions can be changed independently. You will have a selection of seven different hues available to you.

You have the choice to display or conceal the speaker names, just like you did in the 2018 version of God of War. This size can be modified independently from the font size used in the UI.

Captions: We’ve included numerous additional ways to comprehend in-game sound, including enlarged captions for sound effects, which can be found here.

Captions have been introduced to the cinematics as well as the gameplay in order to provide a more in-depth grasp of the soundscape of the world. You also have the option to enable captions for important gameplay information, which can help with comprehending the narrative and solving puzzles.

Blurring the background behind subtitles and captions to make them easier to see during sequences with a lot going on is one of the new features that we’ve added.

Background of the subtitle (choices carried over from the year 2018): In addition to the blur effect, we have introduced settings to darken the background behind the subtitles, which should make them easier to read in the snow.

The high contrast backing comes with a variety of opacity settings that can be adjusted as needed.

The game’s critical gameplay noises now have an optional direction indicator that displays the direction from which a sound is emanating.

This indicator will help you orient yourself towards the source of an essential sound, which will be of use to you when solving problems that involve auditory cues.

Text Size / Icon Size
The much-requested addition to God of War (2018) is finally here, and it’s better than ever before. You requested a reading experience that was more comfortable when playing from a couch, and we listened to your request.

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Reading text displayed on-screen is now simpler than it has ever been because to a user interface that has been completely redesigned and is responsive, as well as a larger minimum font size that can scale greatly.

As a point of reference, here is a glance at both our Default and XX-Large game-wide UI Text scaling.

Controller Remapping

In God of War: Ragnarok, we have redesigned and reimplemented our controller remapping system to give you the ability to personalize the button mapping on your controller.

Support for individualized controller remapping will be included, in addition to a comprehensive library of predefined layouts. You can switch individual buttons around, and for more complicated tasks, you can select alternative setups from a list of predefined options.

For specific operations that involve the use of more than one button, such as Spartan Rage, Navigation Assist, and Quick Turn, we provide you with a variety of options to tailor your experience, including the use of Touch Pad Shortcuts.

Mode with a Very Strong Contrast

You now have the ability to assign a color to in-game objects such as targets, adversaries, and other characters, in addition to a wide range of item kinds, thanks to our newly included high contrast color mode.

When this is turned on, a color layer will be added to the characters, which will make it easier to distinguish them from the background. In order to further accentuate the contrast, desaturating the background is an available option.

During this mode, traversal paint, loot items, and special effects can all be made more noticeable to the player.

Choose between off, on, and always on for the High Contrast Activation Customization option during gaming only (this will exclude cinematics).

The high contrast mode can be configured to be turned on and off with a swipe for convenient access. If you are in the settings menu or the character menu, this option will be turned off automatically.

High Contrast Color Customization In this mode, you can choose a color palette that corresponds to the way you play the game and then alter the colors of individual items, enemies, and characters.

High Contrast Background Customization Allows You to Choose Between Mid-Tone and Darker Levels of Background Contrast Separately

New to God of War, the Navigation Assist camera navigation system enables you to direct your gaze in the direction of the objective indicated by your compass.

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If you are not currently engaged in combat, hitting the Navigation Assist button will cause your camera to pan in the direction of the next plot objective.

The direction you press now determines whether or not some traversal elements, such as gap leaping, vaulting, and mantling, are automatically performed.

Assistance Plus: This adds interaction-based moves such as climbing, crawling, and squeezing through tight spaces.

Audio Cues: We have connected a sound cue to each of the on-screen interact prompts so that while you are utilizing this feature, you will be able to hear when an interact icon is nearby as well as when the button prompt becomes active. This will allow you to respond more quickly and accurately.

Audio cues are expanded to include a wider variety of battle cues, such as unblockable attack rings, aiming aim cues, and weapon transfer cues.

You can alter the volume of the audio cues independently from the loudness of the other sliders, giving you the ability to personalize the experience according to your preferences.

Stay Tuned for More!

We hope that this look at a sample of the more than 60 accessibility features that will be included in God of War Ragnarok was enjoyable for you.

We are dedicated to expanding accessibility and customizability for people of all backgrounds.

We cannot wait to fill you in on the specifics of our other categories of accessibility features, such as combat and aim aids, puzzle and minigame assists, HUD tweaks, camera tuning, auto pick up, and a great deal more.

We are really grateful to our accessibility consultants and the larger accessibility community for all of their assistance and for sharing their ideas with us in order to make God of War: Ragnarok the most accessible God of War game there has ever been.As the launch date draws nearer, we cannot wait to share more information with you.

May you have a wonderful Global Accessibility Awareness Day!


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